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100 Doctors Oppose the Vaccination of Children in Israel

Apr 11, 2021

In recent news, no less than a hundred medical professionals in the State of Israel have expressed that they do not support the vaccination of children in the country against the novel coronavirus. They have also protested against the separation of unvaccinated and vaccinated people, in a letter that they wrote to the Health Ministry. 

The medical professionals quoted scripture in their letter first, stating that ‘haste is from the devil’. They do not believe that there is ample research regarding the virus, as well as the vaccine, to administer it to children. The letter went on to quote the first commandment related to medicine that says, ‘first do no harm. As per their professional opinion, the vaccination of the children should be a matter that is treated with extreme modesty and caution. 

However, the professionals did admit to the fact that the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine has proven to be effective against mortality, and the deadly disease itself, in children. 

On the other hand, they also pointed out that research has shown that children are not susceptible to severe symptoms of the virus. The medical professionals stressed on the fact that the long-term side effects of the virus have not yet been explored and will only be revealed after years of studying the patients.  

The signees to the letter highlighted that no one has any idea how long the immunity of the vaccine will last for. It is also unclear which variant the vaccine will be effective against and how frequently booster shots will be required. According to them, even experts are unaware of the far-reaching consequences of periodic immunization that the infection could have on the immune system and its own evolution. 

The professionals further claimed that the scientific community in Israel, as well as the world, believes that the Pfizer vaccine cannot assist in achieving herd immunity. Thus, they stated, there is no point in the vaccination of children. 

Some experts in the field have also taken to oppose the view that the signatories hold. They asserted how successful the vaccination campaign in the country has been, along with the fact that it has allowed Israel to reach herd immunity in just a couple of weeks. 

However, the signatories are standing by their letter. They stressed that the vaccination of children is not the right step to take right now because it will expose them to unnecessary risk. According to them, the possible unknown side effects of the Pfizer vaccine are not worth the security that they will receive from it. They added that they do not believe the disease is dangerous for children. 

These medical professionals laid emphasis on the vaccination of the populations in the country that are at risk, in order to ensure that people are able to return to routine. However, they made it clear that they want children to resume their routines without having to be injected with doses of the coronavirus vaccine. 

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