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$37 Million Raised by DayTwo to Help Deal with Metabolic Diseases

Jun 1, 2021

DayTwo, a startup based in the State of Israel, has successfully managed to raise a total sum of $37 million this week. The company is known for developing a customized health platform that is based off the gut microbiome. As per an announcement made by the company, the funds raised will assist people in managing their diabetes and improving their health. They will also be able to deal better with various metabolic diseases via nutrition. 

The funding round consisted of a handful of existing investors of DayTwo, such as a moon, which was founded by the serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Checkpoint, Marius Nacht, and Dr. Yair Schindel from 10D, which is a VC firm. The latter was established by Magma Venture Partners, whose co-founder is Yahal Zilka. Cathay Innovation Ventures also participated in the round. 

New investors came on board as well, which included La’maison Fund, Micron Ventures, and Poalim Capital Markets to name a few. 

The Israeli startup was founded by CEO Lihi Segal in the year 2015, who works alongside Nacht, the co-founder, and Yuval Ofek. The platform of the company allows its customers to benefit from its microbiome-based, personalized nutrition diagnostic solutions and recommendations. These are backed by machine learning, as well as AI. 

The initial product designed by DayTwo gives the customers a chance to make use of glycemic control and focuses on people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It consequently helps them balance their blood sugar levels and decrease HbA1C. The product further enables patients to cope with their weight by using a different approach, which is often referred to as food-as-medicine, customized to their personal and clinical traits. 

DayTwo also has an extensive database related to the gut microbiome, which forms the foundation of their Human Discovery Platform. The company claims that its database is the highest and largest resolution discovery platform in the world, as far as microbiomes are concerned. 

The tool has been designed in a way to differentiate between the various medicine therapies, care solutions, and diagnostics. As per DayTwo, its product offers the customers a path to remission, if they have been diagnosed with metabolic diseases, such as pre-diabetes, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and clinical obesity. 

The solutions created by the company have been based on the research that was previously conducted by Professor Eran Elinav, M.D., Ph.D., and Professor Eran Segal Ph.D. The two serve on the scientific board of the company and are employed at The Weizmann Institute of Science. 

Up until now, the Israeli startup has managed to raise $85 million and has plans in the works to extend its reach in the US market. It hopes to use insurance and health plans that employers offer.

In the market in Israel, DayTwo works hand in hand with Clalit Health Services, which is responsible for providing DayTwo’s solutions to all of its members. It is expected to enter into a similar collaboration with Maccabi Health Services.

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