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7 Cases of Indian Coronavirus Mutation Found in Israel

Apr 17, 2021

The Health Ministry in the State of Israel just recently reported that the authorities have discovered seven cases in the country of the Indian mutation of the novel coronavirus. 

Reports have revealed that this new variant was discovered in citizens of the country coming home from abroad. They had not yet been given the Pfizer coronavirus vaccination. 

When questioned about the threat of the mutation, the Health Ministry simply said that it does not have conclusive proof at the time to say that it poses a major threat. Officials further added that enough information is not available to determine whether the vaccination could cause harm to even those who have either recovered from the disease or been vaccinated. 

However, experts have stated that the Indian variant is said to be relatively more aggressive than any other. It is considered to be the primary reason behind the latest spike in the rates of morbidity in India. Cases of this mutation have also surfaced in the UK. Some have said that it consists of all the hallmarks of an extremely dangerous virus. 

Up until now, 77 cases of the Indian variant, known as B.1.617 have been reported. This was the last count until the 14th of April. 

In light of the recent cases of this mutation diagnosed, the Health Ministry in Israel released a statement stressing the importance of people returning from abroad isolating and quarantining themselves. It reminded people to strictly follow quarantine regulations, especially if they are returning from countries with reportedly high morbidity rates. 

The morbidity rate in Israel has been consistently dropping over the past few weeks. In the last 24 hours, only 95 cases of coronavirus were reported.

In other news, the Education Ministry in Israel has revealed a proper framework to be followed for students in the country returning to full-time school from Sunday onwards. 

Students will be expected to go to school six days a week and studies will continue without capsules. All restrictions placed on the movement of students, aides, and teachers have also been lifted. 

Supplementary education classes, like those for new immigrants, are also going to resume. After-school programs designed specifically for youth studying in preschools to third grade will also continue as per the norm before the coronavirus pandemic hit. 

However, despite the full-time schooling, a stricter intervention model will be used by the relevant authorities. An ‘adjusted’ version of the Defending Education program will be implemented to deal with outbreaks and allow the government to monitor and prevent the spread of the disease. 

Schools have been informed that they will be required to ensure that they follow all Health Ministry guidelines. This means maintaining personal hygiene, ventilating classrooms, wearing masks at all times, limiting gatherings in common areas, and socially distancing. 

On the other hand, students do not have to wear masks in open areas, whether they have to have a gym class or eating.

The Health Ministry also recently announced that the people of the country no longer have to wear masks in open areas from Sunday onwards. Schools have also been granted permission to have trips during the day. 

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