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According to an Israeli general, aliens exist, but they keep away from humans; there’s proof

Dec 15, 2020

If aliens existed, I would strongly advise them to keep away from the Earth and all the existing issues it has!

A retired general from Israel hit the headlines when he revealed to the world what he referred to as a top-secret.

Haim Eshed, a professor, aged 87 years, said that life exists among the stars and believes that many people are not yet prepared to meet it.

‘Also, I am not surprised that ‘it’ (whatever that refers to), is a bit distrustful of us right now.’

Eshed is not just an unknown nutcase. He was previously the head of the Defense Ministry space directorate in Israel, which signifies that he is familiar with a nebula. Therefore, when Eshed informed Yediot Aharonot, an Israeli newspaper, that a ‘Galactic Federation’ has secretly communicated with Earth, it’s to be expected that the tale drew great attention from us.

(Particularly when he said that it was necessary to discourage President Donald Trump from disclosing about the aliens prematurely). The story spread widely immediately after publication by ‘The Jerusalem Post’ following an English interview.

Eshed may be right. Not the information where he says that it appears we have created a common Terran-alien discovery center on Mars. However, maybe the section where, as indicated by the popular Drake Equation, there are great possibilities for extraterrestrial life.

Human beings are on high alert; China has used over $180 million on the first radio observatory in the world whose key aim is to search for alien life indications.

However, I am very happy that no one else in the galaxy has to interact with the humans in the current situation.  At least, not now. I will give you the reason for this; we are in chaos. . At least, not now. I will give you the reason for this; we are in chaos.

The ‘Galactic Federation’ from Eshed instantly triggered the clear contrasts to the United Federation of Planets’ ’Star Trek.’

The initial communication between the Earth people and an alien tribe in the ’Star Trek’ canon was shown in the film ’Star Trek: First Contact,’ whose title is befitting. In the movie, since human beings had already experienced our apocalypse and several nuclear wars almost at the beginning of the 21st century, humans were at last ready to forget their issues for now in place of something more positive.

This response is great, arising from the start of the franchise.  The founder of ’Star Trek’ Gene Roddenberry, guarantees that one day, he foresees that money will not be necessary and peace will result from political status while poverty will be non-existent.

What I love in the preceding series, ’Star-Trek: Deep Space Nine,’ is where the questions arose about whether that kind of utopia was out there and whether humanity was capable of changing to that level.

The movie’s two-section episode ‘Past Tense’ delved into details on that exploration; it first featured in 1995. The season-three episode was mainly about the characters’ backgrounds because of an awesome part about time-travel gibberish.

It was a bit disappointing to discover on a rewatch recently that the crew had returned to 2024; this future was nearer than I anticipated when I pressed play. The U.S. might not have established the ‘sanctuary zones’ portrayed on the show, ‘isolating big cities’ homeless and jobless people to hide them from the public,’ Earth’s issues have not become better, from the time the series was first aired.

It is one of ’Star Trek’s most discreetly politicized episodes and it keeps away from some chunky aggressiveness of previous series’ efforts to implement political stories.

Alexander Siding acted as Dr. Julian Bashir, depicting the audience surrogate, unleashing his anger at the state he finds Americans existing in during the 21st century. Bashir’s lack of knowledge of the time indicates to writers that most viewers enjoyed it because they never experienced the discrimination and hopelessness portrayed in the movie.

Bashir can’t understand why mental health problems that he has noticed among the poor, which the existing medicine could cure, were not dealt with.

‘The reason is not that they don’t care,’ Cmdr. Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks plays this role), Bashir’s commanding officer informed him, ‘They have despaired. The social issues they go through appear too monumental to handle.’

At that period, audiences also struggled with it, and some refused to accept the concept that things were truly as awful as shown. ‘Individuals continue writing that we just offered ‘one part’ in ‘Past Tense.’ They think we ought to have given ‘both sides’ not only the ‘liberal’ view point.  In 1996, Ira Steven Behr, the episode co-writer informed Star Trek monthly magazine, up to now I am still attempting to figure out the meaning of that.’ 

When they returned to the 24th century, Bashir enquires from Sisko, ‘Why did they allow things to escalate?’ Sisko answers, ‘Thats a sensible query. I wish I knew the answer.’

Four years after the episode started, in 2020 I still have the same question. The globe is in the clutches of a pandemic that has spread uncontrollably in the United States because the government did not act.

The federal aid is depleted, leading to new poverty levels in over 8 million people. There is a rise in chronic hunger and food insecurity. Also, the number of individuals shoplifting necessities like pasta and bread is increasing, according to a report on Thursday from The Washington Post.

In the meantime, according to Eshed, the aliens expected us to ‘create and reach a level that we will have general knowledge about spaceships and space’ before they reveal themselves.

It becomes apparent that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, one of the Earth’s wealthiest men, are in a rush to privatize space. It is anticipated that as they embark on this, they will evade taxes on the millions of dollars they use on their schemes, using a tax break intended to assist needy communities. There may be no Galactic Federation. However, if it existed, I am skeptical that it would wish us to become members at the moment.

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