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Additional Coronavirus Aid Sent to India by Israel to Help Battle Severe Outbreak

May 6, 2021

In recent news, a cargo plane belonging to the Indian Airforce, filled with medical equipment provided to it by the State of Israel, took flight from the Ben Gurion Airport. It was fully loaded with medical supplies that the country had donated as part of its initiative to provide coronavirus aid to its friend, which is virus-stricken as of now.

The equipment was donated to India by Israel in order to help it deal with the severe consequences of the coronavirus outbreak. Over the past several weeks, the country has been struggling to deal with the pandemic that has taken over the country. 

The plane came back to Israel early on Friday, after making its first trip to India. The plane had carried thousands of oxygen machines and ventilators to help alleviate the effects of the deadly disease in the country. 

This first flight to India landed on Thursday in New Delhi. The ventilators and oxygen generators were transferred to numerous local hospitals, as soon as they were unloaded. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gabi Ashkenazi, went on to say that Israel is going to stand by India and support them in whichever way the country can. He recalled how their friend had provided the State of Israel with urgent and necessary medical equipment that it had required when the pandemic had first surfaced in the country. 

When the plane landed in India, it was first greeted by Sanjeev Singla, the Indian Ambassador to the Jewish State, as well as Gilad Cohen, who is the Deputy Director-General for the Pacific and Asia on behalf of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. 

The Embassy of India took to the micro-blogging website, Twitter, to express its appreciation for the help from Israel. The tweet read that this medical aid was just another step towards strengthening the strategic partnership that the two countries share. It further informed that an Indian Airforce plane, which is carrying 3 large plants for oxygen generation and 360 oxygen concentrators, is on its way to India from Israel. 

In other news, with summer fast approaching and coronavirus vaccines deemed safe for youngsters aged 12, some Jewish camps are thinking about reopening their facilities. They want vaccinated campers to be able to enjoy a summer free of masks. 

However, one particular Jewish camp has decided to take a different approach to camping in the summers. Therefore, this camp will not allow any vaccinated staff or camper to enter its premises. 

Several advertisements for this Jewish camp, Camp Hikon, have been showing up in the emails of the people belonging to the Orthodox Jewish community. This happened just a couple of days after a private school, located in Miami, encouraged students and teachers to maintain their distance from people who have been vaccinated. This announcement came against the backdrop of anti-vaccination posters being plastered on the walls of the Orthodox neighborhood. 

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