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Alpha Capital Anstalt

Aug 3, 2021

Companies get into difficult situations that bring them to a crossroad. What to do?  continuing or stopping business life. They need the assistance of stable investors. A successful institutional investor like Alpha Capital Anstalt.

Companies are engrossed in daily work for many years. Sometimes they fail to properly address the financial or commercial aspects of the business. They concentrate on research and development and forget that if revenues continue to falter, they will fall into the abyss.

Salvation must come from an outside investor who believes in the company and its products. Alpha Capital Anstalt indeed ties the future of its investments to these entities. Also in companies whose accountants have decided to add to their balance sheet a live business note.

Such a remark means that if the situation reflected in the balance sheet continues, there is a fear that within a year the company will close. Alpha Capital Anstalt invested $5 million in such a company called CollPlant.

Help is on the way

CollPlant is a biotechnology medicine company. It regenerative and aesthetically develops innovative technologies and products for tissue regeneration and organ manufacturing.

Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS believes in the future of regenerative medicine. CollPlant vision is helping people live longer and better through our innovative collagen technology. A perfect match. Interesting innovations in the medical field meet money for the benefit of all.

Taking care of business

With all due respect to the belief in innovations, business is business. The success in helping those who need modern medical products, at the end of the day also Alpha Capital Anstalt is obliged to take care of its businesses. It is not a charity fund but a proven and established investment. It is not a shot of money for those who need it. Some of the terms of the deal require CollPlant to list the shares on Nasdaq. It will enjoy all the help and the experienced Alpha Capital Anstalt can give in the listing on the stock exchange process.

Since CollPlant reported the investment the share value price doubled, reflecting Alpha Capital Anstalt’s vote of confidence.

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