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AngelSense Reveals New Product in Honor of Autism Awareness Month

Apr 19, 2022

In recent news, a safety-tech company based in the State of Israel, AngelSense announced that it would be launching a new product to honor the month of April, which is World Autism Awareness Month. The anticipated big reveal will be that of a lighter and smaller version of the company’s proprietary live tracking device. With the help of this latest version, the safety-tech firm aims to ensure peace of mind and safety for families, specifically those who have special needs or autistic family members. As of now, the technology owned and developed by AngelSense is readily used by families living in Canada, the US, and the UK. 

The monitoring technology of the company, as well as its safety features are known for providing protection to families for real-life emergencies. These emergencies pertain to those family members that have special needs or are autistic. A system of iAlerts set up by the firm has been designed in a way to proactively detect harmful and unsafe situations to prevent them. This enables peace of mind for caregivers and parents. The smaller size of the device will help AngelSense introduce wearable accessories to accommodate a broad range of wearing preferences, like lanyards, belt clips, and watch bands. Moreover, the device comprises of various new features, such as fall detection, a step counter, and indoor search capabilities.

Nery Ben-Azar, the cofounder of AngelSense, stated that the solution devised by the company has had a significant effect on the lives of numerous families. By effectively harnessing several advanced technologies, he added that the company has managed to create a smaller, but more powerful device. He went on to add how AngelSense has the ability to provide maximum safety, which helps reduces the overall stress experienced by families. Consequently, families are able to be less restrictive and allow their child to explore new types of activities, while they grow as an independent adult. A large number of employees working at AngelSense are also parents, who have children with special needs. 

The customer care team of the company is also made up of those parents who are using the safety-tech device to care for their own children. Furthermore, AngelSense has created a distributed call center to provide opportunities for these parents, who would want to re-enter the workforce. Thus, they have the option to avail part-time working from their homes, while not having to compromise the care of their children. Due to this unique arrangement, there has been a shift in the organizational culture at the company. There is now added mutual support, which allows agents to replace their shifts with other employees on an ad hoc basis. 

This facility has made it easier for parents to attend to the needs of their children in case of immediate attention. Consequently, agents are able to cater to other parents who are experiencing similar challenges, thus contributing to the special-needs community as a whole. In the previous month alone, over one million notifications of iAlert were sent through the AngelSense app to make families aware of a change in location of their loved ones. It also sent alerts with respect to arrivals or departures from school, late or otherwise, as well as presence in unknown places. Parents could also check if the school bus was driving dangerously.  

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