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Anti-Vaxxers in Israel Complain Against the Government to ICC

Mar 14, 2021

An anti-vaxxer group in the State of Israel by the name Anshei Emet, which means People of Truth, has decided to take legal action against the government of the country. Thus, it filed a lawsuit at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the beginning of the month. 

The group argued that the administration of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine in the country, and all the policies being made to encourage inoculation are nothing more than ‘crimes against humanity.

The suit filed through the law offices of A. Suchovolsky & Co. stated that the Anshei Emet wants to present and detail just how the Nuremberg Code is being violated in numerous aspects by all the relevant parties involved. These include the government of the country, the minister, the members of the Knesset, the heads of cities, and others. 

The group went on to argue that the citizens of the country were not informed beforehand that they were participating in a ‘medical experiment’. It added that Israelis were not even aware of the fact that the Prime Minister of the country, Benjamin Netanyahu, had entered into an agreement with Pfizer to receive a large number of doses of the vaccine. 

As per the suit, the authorities are also being held liable for not providing alternatives to treating the disease and concealing information about the vaccines. 

During an interview in the previous month, the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, deemed Israel to be the ‘world’s lab’ due to the high vaccination rate in the country. This has allowed the pharmaceutical company to obtain real-world data on the effect of the vaccination campaign on the economy, as well as the health of the people. 

However, members belonging to the Helsinki Committee raised some concerns regarding the sharing of the data with the company. They believed that this particular contract with Pfizer can potentially violate the privacy rights of the citizens. 

Anshei Emet further claimed in the suit that numerous people were injured, severely damaged, or killed by the vaccine. It pointed out that the Health Ministry had openly declared that 41% of the military, medical, and educational personnel, and police persons, who were vaccinated, had to bear the brunt of the side effects resulting from the jabs. But, the source of this Health Ministry’s admission is still not clear. 

The group additionally claimed that no complete reports of the number of people injured or dead can be found anywhere. But, it observed that the data from the clinical trials was being released and the Health Ministry was continuously publishing reports on the side effects experienced by whoever was receiving the vaccine. 

Despite the fact that the suit claims that there were severe side effects, injuries, and deaths related to the vaccine, the Health Ministry data showed otherwise. According to reports, only 0.25% of the vaccinated citizens experienced any side effects, much less severe ones. Moreover, the side effects reported were temporary and light, such as headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, nausea and similar others. 

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