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Apple Watch prototype featuring functional pre-watchOS 1.0 surfaces

Dec 29, 2020

It is an open secret that products go through various transformations. Some of them do not remotely resemble the final product that finally goes on sale.  Usually, information about prototypes is heavily concealed, and most of them are destroyed or thrown away. The public does not ever see it. Sometimes, by some miracle, some leak.

It is a rare occurrence, but, apart from this, the reality that this Apple Watch prototype’s software is still functional makes this a very rare sighting.

It would not be possible for you to discern that this is an Apple Watch due to the big Security Case especially created to conceal the device’s identity. It nearly resembles a mini iPod, although the bottom button does not work.

It does not have the exact appearance of the retail Apple Watch, whose structure has not changed all through the years. Rather than the patented Digital Crown from Apple, the prototype presented a couple of somehow heavy buttons on the other side.

Maybe, people who love the Apple Watch would appreciate that Apple did not follow suit. Besides, the prototype still featured working software, which is not typical for a prototype, even one that escaped being destroyed by some miracle. It consists of a Springboard zoom app also, which provided an interactive preview of how the watchOS home screen would have eventually looked.

‘Lisa’ has been mentioned (a Lisa Simpsons icon and the Tester app), and it is likely approval for the Apple Lisa. Obviously, it does not present a useful device for clients; however, this prototype’s pristine state will certainly attract collectors. It also provides a fascinating insight into Apple’s early concepts about the watchOS and the Apple Watch. Some of them are still currently being used.

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