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Around 45,000 Citizens of Israel have Already Received the Booster Shot

Aug 3, 2021

The Health Ministry announced on Monday that no less than 45,000 citizens in the State of Israel, immunocompromised or aged over 60, have received the third jab of the coronavirus vaccine. 

Just recently, the government launched a new campaign in the country to give an additional shot to the people whose immunity is considered to be waning. The campaign was launched on Friday to curb the rise in the number of infections, leading to a further escalation in the fourth wave of the pandemic in Israel. 

In the last couple of weeks, more than half of the new cases being reported are amongst the people who were previously fully vaccinated. However, this ensured that there was a limited rise in the figure for serious morbidity, as compared to general morbidity being recorded in the country. As of now, Israel has 212 patients in serious conditions, who were fully inoculated before. Most of these citizens are part of the elderly population in the country, who were given the vaccine in the month of January. 

Seeing this data, the authorities decided to plan and then launch a new vaccination campaign, with the aim of administering the booster shot to hundreds of thousands of citizens in the State of Israel, within a time span of ten days. 

Around 2,114 additional cases of the deadly disease were further identified on Sunday. The total number of tests processed on that day was 80,000. This number is comparatively lower than what the figure was at the peak of the fourth wave on Friday. On that day, there were more than 2,400 new reported cases but, around 100,000 tests had been processed. Usually, the number of tests carried out during the weekend is relatively lesser. Therefore, the data on Sunday was especially influenced by this factor. 

The number of serious patients is standing still at 212. Of these, 42 have been placed on ventilators. 

In other news, the President of the State of Israel, Isaac Herzog, further encouraged people in the country aged over 60 to get vaccinated at their earliest. He stressed that people who have already received two doses of the vaccination should now go for the booster shot right away. 

According to Herzog, medical experts in the country have stated that the population of the country aged over 60 is the most vulnerable at the moment, even if they have been fully vaccinated. Therefore, he advised them to rush to their nearest medical institution to receive the booster shot. 

The President, as well as his wife, Michal, received the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Friday, at the Sheba Medical Center, located in Tel Aviv. He revealed that ever since then, people have been inquiring about his health and if he experienced any possible side effects. He said that he and his wife are constantly telling people that they feel great. 

Herzog stressed that getting vaccinated is especially important to ensure that people do not spread the virus and transfer it to others, whom they come in contact with. 

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