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Avram Grant Describes 4 Explosive Yet Effective Soccer Techniques

Jul 31, 2022

According to soccer legends, soccer is magic where a player is like a magician full of tricks and techniques and is capable enough of leaving the audience in awe. Classic examples of magician soccer players can be witnessed in several players of today such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Neymar etc. In the expert viewpoint of Avram Grant, they are not just exceptional players but instead they have mastered the art of controlling soccer ball and moving it around as if the ball is under a spell casted by them.

These types of players are a treat to watch in the soccer field. They have mastered, and in fact invented, a few tricks and techniques which are not only explosive but also quite effective in terms of being result producing.

The 4 Explosive Tricks

Cristiano Ronaldo is number one player constantly for the past many years. In fact, this soccer player is single-handedly dominating the world of soccer on the basis of his massive talent, which he inherited as well as self-produced. It was his sheer dedication and commitment to this unique and overwhelmingly loved sport of soccer that he is the player of the century. The achievements Ronaldo has secured in a very short period of time seem impossible to be ever achieved by anyone else.

When it comes to stamina and endurance, there is no player in the world who can match the fitness of Ronaldo. Only Ronaldo is one who is capable of casting a spell on the soccer ball and can control it as if the ball is under his command. In modern day soccer, Ronaldo is a sensation and every soccer player on earth wants to be like him and play like him. During his professional soccer career, Ronaldo has developed a handful of explosive tricks on the basis of which he is being able to do the impossible. The very four explosive tricks, which are attributed to Ronaldo, are flick behind, inside and spin, outside foot and inside foot.

Avram Grant believes that anyone could play like Ronaldo if the person can master the art of these complex but doable Ronaldo tricks.

How To Master The 4 Explosive Tricks

Ronaldo could be seen often using two or three of the tricks while in game. Sometimes he had been seen doing all the four tricks perfectly in a single match. There is not a single fan lover in the world who cannot agree that Ronaldo is the great player. For some he is the greatest player of them all. Many have watched him demonstrating his mastery over these four tricks for a number of times. He is able to them efficiently because he has spent considerable amount of his time mastering the art of pulling these tricks.

These four tricks are helpful in improving the abilities of receiving a pass, taking a quick turn and then proceeding onto the finishing. If somebody is capable of pulling the four tricks in return the person can secure dynamic movement, efficiency in receiving the pass, controlling the ball through dribbling and then finding a weak spot for executing finishing move.

For pulling the tricks, first and foremost, a player is required to practice a lot because without practice talent is meaningless. For the purposes of practicing one should place cones in order and then proceed of practicing all the four tricks one by one. Avram Grant recommends that while practicing, it is extremely instrumental for a player to use both of his feet. In addition, a player has to be extra sharp as well as explosive while handling the soccer ball. Furthermore, the player shouldn’t let his focus distracted when he is in possession of the soccer ball during a match.

Tricks’ Mastery Requires Efficiency

Without the efficiency, none of the tricks can be executed in the most effective way. One has to wield complete command over the soccer ball if he wishes to become the master of soccer. So basically controlling the ball is instrumental in mastering these tricks which in turn requires efficiency on the part of the soccer player.

Yet there are other key aspects such as the player’s sharpness and agility in movement. Sharpness and agility in the movement are essential for controlling the soccer ball. Avram Grant wants you to understand that for a soccer player the soccer ball is the ultimate tool for improvement, skill development and learning the effective tricks. He doesn’t recommend using ladders when great results could be achieved through the soccer ball.

If a player is quick in movement and possesses great agility and speed then the movements of a player could be explosive. Speed and agility are also fundamentally essential because they are credible sources of improving a player’s balance, dribbling skills, striking and turning. Most importantly these fundamental virtues can be enhanced off the game during practice and training sessions.

Altering The Outcomes

It is only once when a player has become a master of techniques that the expected outcomes of a match can be altered in an advantageous position. This is exactly what Ronaldo has been doing very often quite successfully. He has learnt the art of demonstrating great command over flick behind, inside and spin, outside foot and inside foot techniques and tricks. Even though his opponents try everything in the book and unscripted, yet he manages to find his way of coming out successful.

With his abilities, he is literally modifying the outcomes the way he wants. If he can then anybody else can but it needs continuous hard-work and meticulous and arduous training.

Final Thoughts

Players like Ronaldinho were exceptionally good in pulling off explosive tricks while also inventing new ones. They did remarkably good in producing results which were hard to achieve which then led them remembered forever because of their contributions into the sport of soccer. You too should focus on mastering these tricks in order for you to be able to shine above all your teammates.

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