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Beit-El Successfully Reduced Number of Coronavirus Patients

Oct 16, 2020
Beit-El Successfully Reduced Number of Coronavirus Patients

Beit-El, an Israeli settlement, has reported that it was able to reduce the number of coronavirus patients that were residing there. In an announcement, they revealed that from a total of 41 cases, they now have only five remaining. 

Shai Alon, the Beit-El mayor gave a statement regarding this achievement. He stated that the regional council made intensive efforts to bring the number down. He commended their efforts wholeheartedly. 

According to the mayor, the council was successful, largely because of the steps it took to make life easier for the patients. This meant that they carried out educational activities with teenagers, indulged in advertising, and made information easy to access. In addition, the citizens of the settlement strictly adhered to all the coronavirus and lockdown guidelines. Thus, Shai Alon stated that the infection rates declined significantly. He also went on to label Beit-El as a ‘Green City’. 

Shira Libman, the woman who heads the city council of Beit-El, also provided an insight into their thought process soon after the number of patients started rising. She informed that it was on the eve of Sukkot that the council began to realize that things were going downhill. Hence, they all sat down to come up with a solution. 

As per the head of the city council, the members focused especially on areas that had been able to reduce the infection rate and go from red to green. She stated that they had devised an orderly plan, which included educational activities, advertising, and spreading information, amongst other things. 

Libman also informed that a questioning center had been opened to keep a check on infection chains. She also expressed that though they are happy about being able to decrease the number of coronavirus patients in town, there is still work to do. She made sure to appreciate the efforts made by each and every department, along with the citizens who complied. 

Alon also added that they had taken complete charge in moving towards their goal. He said that they had had complete faith that they would be able to give the town its green status again. 

The mayor ended his statement by appreciating the work of Shira Libman and the city council. He stated that the reduction in the number of coronavirus patients could not have been achieved if not for the intensive and devoted action of the regional council. 

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