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Bezalel and Shaare Zedek Partner Up to Find Solutions to Coronavirus Challenges

Feb 23, 2021

The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design has decided to join hands with the Shaare Zedek Medical Center. The reason behind this alliance is to try and find solutions to the challenges provided by the coronavirus pandemic. The hospital made an announcement revealing its partnership with the academy. The two together will receive support from a grant provided to them by the Jerusalem Foundation. 

As part of the cooperation, designers and medical teams will work together and create joint projects. Moreover, they will be mentored by the arts academy and medical center both, who will ensure their maximum help in the development of projects. 

The partnership will focus on developing projects, which answer the challenges presented by the pandemic. Its emphasis will be on community development, as well as innovation. The two announced that the goal of their partnership is to make sure that the innovation and creativity of communities is successful and new models are created to get through the unprecedented, current situation. 

According to the two organizations, they decided on joining hands in recognition of the effect that the pandemic has had on hospitals. They believe that these effects showed that hospitals are not only a place for medical treatment but, have an important social role to take up. In addition, medical centers ensure that they are able to provide for the social fortitude of the communities they are serving. 

Amongst the many drastic effects of the pandemic, it has also demonstrated just how fragile the art community of Jerusalem is. It has left many artists of Jerusalem without the ability to earn a living, specifically those who are employed in the field of live performances. 

In other news, Liel Dubinsky, an eleven-year-old, is encouraging people to make vaccination appointments and get themselves inoculated. 

While in a hospital bed in the intensive-care unit of the Kaplan Medical Center, located in Rehovot, the child stated that the disease is not a game. 

A resident of Ramle, Liel contracted the coronavirus just a week ago. Her condition soon started to deteriorate, after which she went to her doctor. She was prescribed a home oxygen tank but, her health showed no signs of improvement. 

Her father, Roey, recalled that he heard her calling out to him in the middle of the night. She told him that she could not breathe and was suffocating. Quickly realizing that the situation could not be managed at home, her father called an ambulance.

Upon her arrival at the center, Liel was ventilated, where she has been ever since. She was later admitted to the ICU because she was suffering from virus-induced pneumonia. Even before she contracted the virus, the eleven-year-old had been diagnosed with several underlying medical conditions. 

Dubinsky also revealed that his father and wife had also been infected with the coronavirus. 

As of Monday, Liel was one of the nine children in the country, aged under 19, who was hospitalized after contracting the coronavirus. 

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