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Biomed Summit in Tel Aviv to Feature Precision Oncology and Bio Food

May 6, 2022

In recent news, it has been revealed that a couple of the leading food technologies in the State of Israel will be taking the center stage at the Biomed Israel summit that has been scheduled for next week. As per an announcement, not only will the summit feature top innovative scientific developments in the field of food technologies but also cancer treatments. It is an annual conference that revolves around health tech and life sciences to bring together healthcare professionals, scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs from numerous countries across the globe. In the year 2022, the three-day conference will be marking its 20th anniversary with no less than 10 different tracks. 

These include robotics in the field of medicine, infectious diseases, machine learning and AI, as well as numerous others. Moreover, precision cancer therapies and diagnostics will also be a part of the conference, as well as bio food and the impact it has on human health. It has been decided that all the tracks will be headed by a professional leader from the related field. It is further expected that around 6,000 people will be attending the conference. The summit will also be hosting an exhibition that will allow hundreds of companies in the Jewish state to present their technologies and products. 

The CTO of the Fresh Start Food Tech Incubator, Dr. Tammy Meiron, further added that the sessions will be focusing on bio food technologies. She is also the chair of the food tech track and revealed that the summit will include discussions related to how the country adapts to biotech in order to produce food that is more sustainable. Meiron went on to add how there is a rising consensus that the climate crisis has triggered the need to feed the rising population of the world. Thus, the demand for food has been readily increasing and there are moral and ethical aspects to growing food from animals. 

In her words, the upcoming generation knows more about the issue than the previous generations and has come to realize all the dangers that are associated with climate crisis. As a result, these dangers have been deemed as code red for humanity, which requires urgent action, especially from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). According to the CTO, the world only has 10 years to deliver solutions where food tech is concerned. Meiron is a professional in the field of food technology and has previously headed the protein department of Sigma Aldrich, a biochemical company based in the US. 

It was here that she led production of over 450 different enzymes and proteins, before she joined Fresh Start in the year 2019. The food tech incubator, which is based in Kiryat Shmona, is a project being headed by the Israel Innovation Authority. It is working with Tnuva, a company from the Jewish state, as well as Tempo, Finistere Ventures, and OurCrowd. According to the CTO, her company incubates companies for around two to three years, before bringing them onto the next level. Up until now, Fresh Start Food Tech Incubator has managed to support no less than 40 companies. 

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