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BioNTech Confident About Coronavirus Vaccine

Nov 15, 2020
BioNTech Confident About Coronavirus Vaccine

BioNTech, a German biotech firm, has made significant contributions to develop one of the world’s leading Covid-19 vaccine candidates. They joined hands with Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company based in the US. According to the CEO of the company, their coronavirus vaccine, which is 90% effective, will be the one to end the global pandemic. 

Ugur Sahin, the BioNTech CEO, has expressed optimism regarding the success of the vaccine. In his opinion, the pandemic can be stopped with their candidate because it provides protection from symptomatic infections. 

The CEO recalled that when the vaccine was developed, he had not been enthusiastic about it. However, he had witnessed the trial results of Phase III last Monday, and his confidence in the candidate had soared. 

Sahin also explained how the vaccine works. He stated that it attacks the virus in various ways. First, it ensures that it is difficult for the disease to enter the body and in case it is able to enter, the vaccine strengthens the immune system so that there is a surefire victory. 

He went on to say that the vaccine ensures that the body’s cells are safe from harm. The T-cells receive energy from the vaccine to knock out the disease, if it finds a way to enter. 

However, people have some questions regarding the vaccine that they need answered. For example, the durability of the immunity that the vaccine will build against the Covid-19 virus. Sahin stated that various studies have shown that patients who were vaccinated to have a strong immune response, retained that strength after six months as well. In his opinion, the human body will be safe for around a year. 

Many believe that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine candidate is bound to win the race, as nations all over the world try to find a way to end this global pandemic. People have grown tired of the disease taking over their lives and simply want a way out. 

Observing the success that this particular vaccine candidate had in its Phase III trials, the government of Israel made an attempt to secure it. The authorities entered into a contractual agreement on Friday to receive around eight million doses. The delivery will be made in January, given that the vaccine is successful. 

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister, was especially optimistic about the vaccine. After signing the contract with Pfizer, he addressed the citizens of the country. In his message he said that the day of the agreement is an important one for Israel because there is hope of them beating the coronavirus. 

Meanwhile, other vaccine candidates are also emerging in the market, which too have promising potential. Moderna, another firm based in the US, believes that it has created a candidate that is more effective than its competitors. Tal Zaks, the Chief Medical Officer, explained that their vaccine does not only prevent the virus, but acts as a treatment for those who have already been infected with it. It creates antibodies in the patient’s body which does not allow the disease to replicate itself. 

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