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Cinematheque in Jerusalem Exhibits Children’s Art Related to Coronavirus

Apr 23, 2021

The lives of children, the future generation, have changed drastically due to the pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus. The Jerusalem Cinematheque decided to exhibit artwork made by children from all across the globe, in response to the year that the world, and especially they, have had. 

The name of the exhibit was kept as COVID Through Children’s Eyes. The sponsorship for this display was provided by Czech Centers, who cooperated with Movement on Own Feet-Centipede project, as well as the Education Ministry. This artwork will remain open for view until the end of the month of April. There is a high possibility of this getting extended until May.

Since the artwork has been presented by children from all over the world, it has been put up on display in various countries across the world. The exhibit at the Jerusalem Cinematheque consists of artwork that has been made by children from Korea, Japan, Greece, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, and of course, the State of Israel itself.  

This exhibition to display the art made by children was built under the patronage of Gen. Ales Opata, who is the Chief of General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, as well as Duka OP, the Czech Primate Dominic Cardinal, and Prague’s Metropolitan Archbishop. 

On Own Feet is a peace movement of children, which is based in Czech. Being a humanitarian organization, it assists children in helping each other out. The founder of this organization is Bela Gran Jensen. She spoke on the occasion of the presentation, saying that despite the pandemic and its challenges, children are able to view life in an optimistic and colorful way. 

The artwork displayed in different parts of the world, as well as the Jerusalem Cinematheque, is not only striking but beautiful as well. It portrays images of what children’s lives were like on a daily basis. They have drawn images of visits to the hospitals and of being tested. Some even took to illustrating what the virus itself looks like. 

There were also those children who created artwork that represented the depression, suffering, and anxiety that has been caused by the disease. 

In other news, the Health Ministry in Israel has advised the citizens of the country to not take any unnecessary trips outside of it. They have announced that this is vital if the government, along with relevant authorities, are to ensure that new variants do not find their way into Israel. 

This travel warning also named a handful of countries that are to be avoided unless necessary. These include Ukraine, India, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, and Ethiopia. The warning lay emphasis on the fact that even people who have been inoculated, bear the risk of contracting the disease again. Thus, the citizens were advised to not leave the borders of the country. 

In the past few days, health authorities have especially been concerned about a new variant that has been making its rounds, known as the Indian variant. Prof. Nachman Ash, the Coronavirus Commissioner, stated that the State of Israel has to be worried about this new variant. 

The country is waiting on assurance that the vaccine is effective against the Indian mutation of the virus. 

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