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Comunix Raises $30 Million for Expansion of Popular Game Pokerface

Jun 2, 2021

A social gaming startup from the State of Israel by the name of Comunix, just recently made an announcement revealing that it has successfully secured funds totaling $30 million. The company, well-known for coming up with the game Pokerface, was quite happy after seeing its results of the Series A funding round. 

Up until now, the company has managed to raise a sum of $33 million. March Gaming was the leader of this particular round, and several new investors joined the bandwagon as well, such as Powerhouse, March Capital, Altshuler Shaham, and Woori Capital. Other already existing investors that participated were Velo Partners, Mitch Garber, who also led the purchase of Playtika, Eitan Reisel, Baladi Ventures, Moon Active, Kaedan Capital, and Shay Ben-Yitzhak. 

The funds that have been secured by the Israeli gaming startup are expected to be put in the development and improvement of the capabilities of Pokerface. The company further added that the money may also be used to expand its operations, as well as give a boost to its vision, which hopes to bring people together by tapping into their common love for gaming. 

Pokerface was created to allow people to get together and play poker on a free virtual poker table. Players have the chance to participate using as many virtual coins as they want, while communicating through a video link. This gives the players a chance to put their poker face to the test. 

People from all over the globe have taken a liking to the game and developed meaningful and lasting social connections. It boasts a community of no less than eight million users. 

The co-founder and CEO of Comunix, Ben Shimon, stated that he and Idan Shriki, co-founder of the company, used to play poker together back when they were in Eilat and thus, were very close friends. 

After Shimon shifted to the center, he was unable to keep up with his friends and play with Shriki. He revealed that the two friends had been searching for some way to reinvigorate their connection when they decided to develop a poker game, which allows communication over video throughout the game. The company was consequently founded in the year 2018 alongside Idan Shriki. 

In light of the pandemic, the Israeli startup reported that its revenue has increased 12-fold, as the number of users of the game has risen 9-fold. The upward trend in these figures was attributed to a greater number of people being at home in the past year. 

Just recently, Comunix also increased its workforce by around 500%. As of now, there are 45 people working at its offices in Tel Aviv. 

Ben Shimon went on to add that this game can easily be played in every country, as it does not involve gambling. He claimed that the earnings of every player remain in the game, and they are only allowed to earn game tokens. He expressed his happiness at people coming together and successfully building a community. 

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