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Coronavirus Lockdown Rules Broken By Two Police Officials

Oct 12, 2020
Coronavirus Lockdown Rules Broken By Two Police Officials

In recent news, two high-ranking police officers, Major Generals to be exact, were found to be in violation of coronavirus lockdown rules. It has been reported that the two were not adhering to strict distancing restrictions. This happened during this week at an important dinner event, which was also attended by 10 other police officials. General Moti Cohen, the acting commissioner, has given the responsibility of investigating this case to his deputy. 

As per sources, Yigal Ben-Shalom, the head of Investigations and Intelligence Division, along with Moshe Barkat, the commander of Judea and Samaria District were attending a dinner. There were more than ten people present at this event, all of who were police officials. 

They ate the meal in a small, fully air-conditioned room, which had no waiters. Intermittently, waiters entered and left the room. 

The dinner took place last week on a Tuesday. A couple of senior officials decided to visit the police district headquarters of Judea and Samaria, located in Ariel, and had ended up breaking bread with other officers. 

On Thursday, sources also reported that Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, the IDF Chief of Staff, was the latest addition to the long list of senior officials, who have violated coronavirus restrictions. This list includes officials from both security and politics. Ironically, these officers who have broken the regulations of the virus, are in charge of writing and enforcing all the rules related to the coronavirus.

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