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Correct Treatment Methods and The Utilities Needed

Sep 7, 2022

Current needs in many industries dealing with treatment of biologically – natured substances require specialized equipment. Analysis, separation, and characterization of biological materials are performed using their own specific methods. Using these instruments is essential in many fields, from water treatment to disease diagnosis and clinical trials. The following article will elaborate on some of these utilities and where they are commonly used in various industries.

Cell Characterization

A flow cytometer is used for the detection and characterization of cells. In the process, the device can measure samples by analyzing scattered laser beams, ideally for one cell at a time. This technique allows characterization of the samples and extraction of useful information; this includes cell number, cell sorting, diagnosis of disorders and more.

Protein Diagnostics

ELISA is a common method used in biochemistry assay for the detection of ligands (largely proteins) in liquid samples. By inserting specific antigens and antibodies to the samples, enzymes bound to their substrates can be isolated and analyzed qualitatively. This assay is useful for the detection of certain diseases such as HIV and the West Nile virus.

Colloid Particle Separation

Flocculation is the process in which colloid particles in solutions are isolated from their suspension as sediments. Through the addition of the appropriate clarifying agents, these colloids can be effectively separated from the substance in a physical process. The technique is used in many fields, like water treatment, cheese making, medical diagnostics and more.


The used of the above – mentioned instruments and processes is a fundamental aspect of many industries and research fields. They are often an essential tool which the lab using it is largely, if not fully dependent upon. High quality tools, such as those that can be rented by Merkel Technologies, are a must. Otherwise, entire batches and samples could be ruined.

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