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Council Member from Jerusalem Calls for Unvaccinated Teachers to get Tested

Mar 13, 2021

A member of the city council in Jerusalem, Einav Bar-Cohen, has asked the Mayor, Moshe Lion, to implement a rule in the city. According to this rule, unvaccinated teachers residing in Jerusalem will be required to present a negative coronavirus test after every 72 hours. 

An important part of the call is proof of a negative test even from those who have been given the vaccine. They will have to show a green passport to assure that they have indeed been vaccinated. As per Bar-Cohen, these new policies will make sure that the children in the city are safe from the disease. 

Bar-Cohen went on to observe that majority of the older residents in the city have already been given the vaccine. Therefore, it is likely that the youth of Jerusalem may be the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic now. 

She further argued that not implementing this policy will ensure that children are kept from their normal routines for an extended period of time. In addition, repeated instances of complete families having to isolate after exposure will only continue. 

Bar-Cohen expressed how children are the most precious thing for parents. Thus, it falls onto the municipality to provide a safe and protected environment for the children in the city. She urged the authorities to act right away and ensure that a presentation of negative coronavirus tests is provided by the educational staff after every 72 hours. 

As of now, Jerusalem does not have a good morbidity rather, a large number of patients. Therefore, the city council member believes that this city should be the one leading the national movement, instead of being dragged behind other authorities in the State of Israel. 

In other news, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, had a conversation over the telephone with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. The two talked about devising a framework, which would allow the citizens of the country to pay visits to Uman. The two leaders also discussed cooperating on efforts to deal with the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the world. 

During the conversation, special emphasis was put on a mutual recognition of the green passport program of each country, as well as vaccines. It was also agreed that the two officials will have a face-to-face meeting soon to talk about a plan, which will allow vaccinated individuals to travel between the two countries, especially in connection with the annual pilgrimage to the city of Uman in Ukraine. 

Following the statement published by the Office of the Prime Minister about the conversation that Netanyahu had with Zelensky, a widespread campaign was started by the Breslov Hasidic group in the country. 

Dozens of communities came together for this campaign and threatened that they will not cast votes to the United Torah Judaism (UTJ) and Shas political parties in the soon-to-happen elections. The reason for this threat was the attempts made by the government to ban the pilgrimage in Uman, due to the coronavirus pandemic last year. 

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