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Czech Republic Receives 9 Ventilators from Israel

Nov 7, 2020

In recent news, Israel donated a total of nine ventilators to Czech Republic to help battle the surge of coronavirus cases. The donations reached the city of Prague early on Friday. 

All nine of the ventilators were manufactured in Israel specifically for Czech Republic. The government hopes that it will aid the latter in fighting the novel coronavirus. 

Daniel Maron, the ambassador for Czech Republic from Israel, delivered these ventilators himself. They were received by Dr. Elena Steplova, the Health Minister. She was selected as the recipient by Gabi Ashkenazi, the Foreign Minister. 

Maron made a statement regarding these donations stating that the country does not forget its allies in times of need. He urged citizens of both countries to join hands in this fight against the Covid-19 virus. 

Jan Blatny, the Health Minister in Czech, said that Israel had demonstrated solidarity and emphasized the relations they hold with Czech Republic through the donations of these nine ventilators. 

Back in the month of October, the Czech Republic had announced that they were thinking about moving their embassy to the city of Jerusalem. No timeline was given for this goal however, the country did say that it is one of their long-term goals. 

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