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Diagnostic Firm in Israel Launches AI-based Solution to Identify Gastrointestinal Cancer

Aug 28, 2021
Innovations from Israel Featured in the Time Magazine

In recent news, an AI-powered cancer diagnostics corporation in the State of Israel, Ibex Medical Analytics, revealed that it will be launching a new system later in the week, which will be instrumental in helping detect gastrointestinal cancer. 

The company will be proceeding with the deployment of the system at the Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi (KSM), which is an innovation and research institute of the second largest HMO in the country, Maccabi Healthcare Services. 

The Galen software employed by Ibex is the first-ever cancer diagnostics solution, powered by AI, to be used routinely in clinical use in the field of pathology. It is also deployed in numerous labs across the globe. These are the solutions that allow pathologists to work on improving the accuracy of diagnostics and come up with a more efficient workflow. 

Back in the month of June, the platform was awarded a Breakthrough Device Designation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. This is only handed out to technologies, which are believed to consist of the working potential to provide effective diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening diseases. Cancer makes up a huge chunk of this system. 

According to Ibex, the designation will empower it to closely collaborate with the FDA and receive expedited reviews from the regulation authority itself. In addition, the breakthrough device provides a formal acknowledgment of the potential benefits of the Galen platform, along with the robustness of the clinical program run by Ibex. 

Galen Gastric is a quality control and integrated diagnostics solution, which assists pathologists in the identification of dysplasia, gastric cancer, H. pylori, as well as other vital clinical findings. The solution is an extension of the Galen Breast and Galen Prostate, which are already widely deployed at the Maccabi Healthcare Services, in addition to labs around the world. They make up a common practice at clinics in numerous countries. 

Through this deployment, Maccabi Healthcare Services will become the one and only health system worldwide to employ AI for the detection of multi-tissue cancer on prostate, gastric, and breast biopsies. It will also provide support to the pathologists by way of enhanced quality control, efficiency, and accuracy. 

Gastric cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed malignant diseases in women and men, both. More than a million new cases of the disease show up every year across the globe. Pathologists, therefore, play a major role in the identification and diagnosis of cancer. What makes their job easier is the rise in cancer prevalence, as well as advances in customized medicine. This helps reduces the growing complexity in diagnostics. 

Dr. Chaim Linhart, the CTO, and co-founder of Ibex stated that Galen Gastric is an ode to the strong AI that the company employs. He added that it is the leading approach used to empower pathologists with effective solutions, in order to support their needs in the real world. According to him, the Galen platform, which was granted Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA, sets the foundation for clinical-grade computational solutions in order to accurately identify numerous features. He believes that it is the perfect companion for physicians.

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