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Dr. Israel Figa – Vaccination Should Not Make You Complacent

Feb 27, 2021

Finally, we have reached a point where the world is getting vaccinated to overcome the spread of the Coronavirus. Just a year ago, people were wondering if the virus was going to wipe out the entire world. At the same time, when it all started going downhill, people were quite pessimistic about things. They thought they were never going to see a vaccine. However, things have gotten better and in many countries of the world, they have already started vaccinating not only the frontline staff but the general public as well. But does this mean the days of the pandemic are over?

That’s where Israel Figa weighs and thinks people have to act responsibly. According to Israel Figa, vaccination is not the end of the virus. At the same time, people don’t have to be completely casual about things as of now. Let’s hear him out and see what he has to say to back up his statements.

Vaccination Will Take Years

Israel Figa believes that people are jumping to the conclusion that everyone is going to get vaccinated within a few days. That’s not how things happen in the real world. Even if you start distributing a new free credit card to your nation, it will take you years before everyone has that card in their hands. In a similar manner, when you talk about vaccinating millions and millions of people within the same country, it will take years. Even with the best vaccination programs in the most developed countries, it will take no less than a couple of years for governments to make vaccination reach every citizen.

Talk about under-developed and developing nations, they might not have effective vaccination programs in the first place. You are looking at more than five years and even up to 10 years before all the citizens in those countries get vaccinated. So, just because the vaccination is out and it is being administered in many countries does not mean that the dark days are completely over.

We Can’t Wipe out the Virus

There is something that people continuously forget about viruses and other illnesses. Once they are there, they never go away. Yes, we overcome them through vaccination, medication, technological advancements in the medical field, etc. but we never get rid of those illnesses completely. Today, you probably don’t take a mild fever, seasonal cold and flu seriously, and that’s because we now have vaccination for those conditions. People are cold or have flu and they will go about doing their daily chores without caring at all. However, it does not mean that the flu virus is completely gone from the world.

So, when you talk about the Coronavirus, you are dealing with the same beast again. Yes, it is there right now. Yes, it will be there even up to the end of this world. We have developed the vaccination for the condition, but it does not mean that we will wipe out the virus from the universe completely.

Vaccination Is in Its Early Phases

There is no doubt that you have been on your toes waiting for the vaccination to come. And if that’s true, you must have seen how things have taken place. It is not to say that the successful vaccines have been created without proper care to the medical norms, but you can say that there was some haste in producing the vaccine. The virus and its quick spread around the world caught everyone off guard. The scientists in the labs were overwhelmed with the situation and they had to do things faster than they would usually do them. After all, they had to save millions of people from dying.

So, in a way, as per Israel Figa, we still don’t know about the exact efficacy of the vaccines. At the same time, you are not fully aware of what side effects the vaccines may cause. They might not cause any side effect at all. But you never know, they might cause some condition that we have not dealt with before. Hopefully, only the former will happen in the future, but you have to prepare yourself for everything because it is not fantasy or fiction, it’s the real world.

We Still Don’t Understand the Virus Fully

Despite all the technology around us, it is important to realize that we humans still operate with some limitations. The biggest hurdle in the way of knowledge is fear and chaos. You can’t really collect information at a gentle pace when you have the entire world panicking because of a new virus. So, conducting studies and running surveys to study the virus is not as easy as people might think. Not to mention, the people who are studying the virus might have someone in their families infected with the virus. The studies are underway but we don’t fully understand the virus as of now.

You must have seen the governments and other healthcare organization change their views and statements about how to be safe. At one point, you were told that masks were not going to do any good. However, today, wearing a mask in any public setting has become mandatory. So, the information about the virus is still coming in. You never know there might be a strain of the same virus that might not get affected by today’s vaccines at all. So, there is a possibility that the vaccines that have been developed so far might not work against certain strains of the virus. The mutation is yet another concern to worry about.

Final Thoughts

With these thoughts, Israel Figa does not want to spread pessimism. In reality, he wants people to operate with realism. He wants everyone to think realistically and not give into early joy and celebration. Yes, you can feel good about the vaccines and there is nothing wrong about it. However, you don’t have to let the jubilation get to your head and let you forget about all the SOPs that have been keeping people safe from the virus so far. Just be patient and wait for the right time to come to take your mask off.

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