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Edelstein Calls Out Those Who Tried to Delay the Purchase of Coronavirus Vaccines

Apr 21, 2021

Late on Tuesday, the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, had a conversation with Yuli Edelstein, the Health Minister. The two talked about the recently made agreements with two companies manufacturing their own coronavirus vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer. 

The government entered into a contractual agreement with Modern and Pfizer to buy additional doses of the coronavirus vaccines to vaccinate the citizens of Israel. The number of doses bought on Monday were 16 million. 

Soon after signing the deal for the acquisition of these additional vaccines, Edelstein took to making this announcement. He exclaimed how the State of Israel is currently leading the world when it comes to vaccinating its citizens. 

According to him, there are numerous countries all over the world that are making improvements in their vaccination efforts and campaign. However, the efforts of Israel are still unmatched. Commending the success of the vaccination campaign of the government, the Minister highlighted how people are now able to enjoy life without the virus controlling every aspect of it. 

Netanyahu also talked about the purchase of these additional vaccines saying that it was necessary to get more doses. He explained that the government is working on launching another vaccination campaign in around six months.

Consequently, he asserted, the children in the country should be prepared to get the jab because it is likely that the vaccines will be improved so that they can be administered to them. 

The Prime Minister further opened up about how several political obstacles had previously hindered the acquisition of the vaccines. The Health Minister as well called out people for frustrating him and delaying the signing of the purchase agreement. He maintained how the responsible party had not even bothered to apologize to him, instead had asserted that they had saved the country some valuable money. 

Benny Gantz, the Defense Minister, knowing that Edelstein was complaining about him also responded. He said that the delay in the agreement had allowed the State of Israel to save billions of shekels. In his words, Netanyahu was only trying to highlight that his trial takes priority. Gantz went on to accuse the Prime Minister of sacrificing human lives for his personal gain. 

In other news, it has been over a month since Israel decided to open its skies to the world. However, till date, not even a single electronic bracelet, made to keep an eye on quarantine compliance, has been given out at the Ben-Gurion Airport. Sources have revealed that around 437 people have come into Israel. 

Back when these were first introduced, health authorities stated that they were an important part of helping the country ensure that new variants did not make their way into Israel. However, a spokesperson belonging to the Health Ministry informed that the rollout of these bracelets has not yet begun. 

He further added that ever since the skies were opened on the 21st of March, around 129,000 people have entered the country and more than 400 were found to have the virus. 

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