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Education Ministry Presents Plan to Move Forward With Schools

Nov 11, 2020
Education Ministry Presents Plan to Move Forward With Schools

The coronavirus cabinet was just recently presented with the next stage plan devised by the Education Ministry, for all the schools in the country. Amid the rising cases of the novel coronavirus, students studying in 11th and 12th grades, along with elementary school, will be allowed to resume physical classes. However, they will be permitted to return to school only in some capacity. 

Additionally, the Education Ministry has taken steps to open a control center in the country. This will have top-of-the-line technological systems being overlooked by 100 or so employees. The control center will readily process information being obtained from the field. Meanwhile, the Health Ministry will also be brought in to keep a close eye on the infection rates in schools. 

On Tuesday alone, nearly 1,366 kindergarteners and students alike contracted the coronavirus. This update was given by the Education Ministry and came as a shock to many. As a result, almost seven schools along with 209 kindergartens in the country were sealed due to the rising infection rates. 

If the plan presented by the Education Ministry is approved, here are a few things that students and parents can expect to happen. 

One, first and second grades will be permitted to have classes as per the norm. They will come to study for five hours a day, five days a week. Third and fourth grades, on the other hand, will continue to follow the same pattern as they are right now. Students will learn in groups of 20, five days a week for five hours a day. 

In addition, fifth and sixth grades will also be divided into groups of 20 students. They will learn at least 14 hours a week and go to school for three days. Exchange of students between the groups will strictly be prohibited. 

Where 11th and 12th grades are concerned, they too will learn in groups of 20 students, but only two days in a week. If any student wishes to change their group, they can only do it twice. 

Allowance for afternoon care was also decided on for first and second graders. However, some conditions will apply. Students will be required to stay within the premises of the classroom and not transfer from one group to another. 

As per the Education Ministry, educational activities can be held outdoors but, limited to a total of 19 students. Social meetings will also be permitted on condition that they are held in open areas. Even so, the number of students that can attend will be 19 only, along with a teacher. But, this option will only be available to grades seventh through tenth, who are not being allowed to return to physical classes. The new plan does not outline the resumption of physical educational classes for these grades.

Schools have been informed that if they wish to increase the number of students in a group, exceptions can be made. The director-general of the Education Ministry will decide whether a certain group should be allowed to increase the number of students or not. 

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