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EMTs Save 60-Year-Old Man After He Chokes on Sufganiyah

Dec 1, 2021

In recent news, the volunteer EMTS of United Hatzalah were called to mitigate an emergency related to a 60-year-old man residing in Yavneh, an area in Central Israel. A statement revealed that the patient had consumed Sufganiyah, which is a traditional donut made for Hanukkah. A Sufganiyah is a round jelly doughnut, which is especially often made to celebrate the Jewish festival, Hanukkah. It is usually topped with powdered sugar after being filled with jam and deep-fried in oil. A volunteer of United Hatzalah, Chaim Fried, talked about the scene of the incident. 

He revealed that when he had shown up at the house, the people who had contacted the emergency services for help were still on the phone. They were talking to the Dispatch and Command Center of the United Hatzalah, while the dispatcher on the other end of the line instructed them on how to help the 60-year-old man who had choked on the doughnut. Fried then proceeded to treat the man right at the scene by providing him with oxygen. Once his condition had been stabilized, the patient had been taken to the Assuta Hospital located in Ashdod. The man had been in a stable condition by then and fully breathing. 

Hatzalah was founded in the year 1965 in Williamsburg, New York, as a volunteer emergency medical service organization. It comprises of a handful of independent branches, which work under its name. The organization mainly caters to areas that are dominated by Jews across the world, such as in the State of Israel and New York. The latter is the greatest population center for the community outside of the Jewish state. The Founder and President of United Hatzalah, Eli Beer, also talked about the incident that had recently occurred. 

He added how every year on the Jewish holiday, the volunteers of the organization are called in to respond to various medical emergencies that involve people, who choke on the suganiyot. He warned how important it is to take special care of young children, as well as older people, when feeding them the traditional doughnut. According to him, these segments of the population are at a greater risk of getting spongy foods stuck in their throat. 

In other news, an expert in the industry of Transportation, told Merav Michaeli, the transportation minister, that in order to cut down on road deaths in the country, the public should be urged to install safety systems in their vehicles. The head of the Association of Transportation Safety Officers in the Jewish state, Shimon Sudai, told Michaeli that the primary issue to be resolved on the roads it that of increasing deaths occurring as a result of increased accidents. 

While at the most recent meeting of the Knesset committee, he stressed upon the importance of reducing distractions while driving. In his words, this can be done by the installation of safety systems in used cars. In addition, he suggested that tax benefits should be provided for the import of such systems to encourage more people to install them. 

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