Faction Manager and Employees of the Likud Enter Quarantine

Aliza Barashi, the faction manager of Likud in the Knesset, recently tested positive for the novel coronavirus. This was reported on Thursday, when all the employees of the Likud faction were told to immediately enter quarantine. All those who came into contact with her were told that they would undergo an epidemiological inquiry. 

The positive diagnosis of the faction manager was made soon after the unusual incident with Likud MK David Bitan occurred. He had inadvertently violated the coronavirus guidelines of the Health Ministry, which led to the quarantine of around 30 employees, as well as three MKs. 

Criticism was quickly directed towards Bitan, who stated that he had no idea that he had been infected. However, it was revealed that he had been experiencing some coronavirus-related symptoms. 

Some officials belonging to the Health Ministry were infuriated and condemned Bitan for violating the guidelines. His explanation was questioned and people wondered how an elected official was unaware of the coronavirus rules and regulations.

His family later on reported that Bitan has been hospitalized since Sunday. He was taken to the hospital immediately after a drop in his oxygen level was observed. Just recently, his family informed him that the Likud MK is doing much better and recovering. 

Just a while ago, the deputy director-general of the Health Ministry, Chezy Levy, along with Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, the Head of Public Services, had quarantined themselves soon after a member belonging to their office had tested positive for the virus. 

Levy was then screened for the disease but, had a negative diagnosis. He currently does not have any symptoms and has chosen to operate as per his routine but, from the sanctity of his home. 

In other news, the IDF has announced that it will start vaccinating officers, health personnel, and soldiers by the end of the month of December. 

The first person from camp who will be given the vaccine will be Lt.-Gen Aviv Kochavi, the Chief of Staff of the IDF. A spokesperson for the force said that this will set an example and motivate the rest of the soldiers to come forth and receive the vaccination. 

Regional vaccination compounds have been set up, which is where the soldiers will be able to get vaccinated. They will be taken there as per a special transportation formation that had been put in place back when the coronavirus first attacked the country. 

The health personnel of the military will be the first to receive vaccines. In the second round, soldiers who have preexisting health conditions, those in critical support roles, combat soldiers, as well as senior officers, will be vaccinated. 

The spokesperson further added that the main aim of the IDF is to maintain the operational readiness of the military and the health of the soldiers. 

In addition, the Health Ministry has agreed to join hands with the IDF to carry out this process. Strict adherence will be paid to coronavirus guidelines and the process of vaccination itself. This will mean that timing and storage of the vaccine will have to be maintained under any and all circumstances. This operation is likely to be akin to the flu vaccinations that are conducted by the army.