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“Food Rivalry – An Unending Universal Phenomenon”, says Ido Fishman

Oct 30, 2020

The food rivalry amongst food places, cities, countries, continents and worldwide is an unending phenomena. No matter where you belong, each and every single human being is very much into it. We love to talk extravagantly about our food and culture and that is not all, we also fiercely contest our food and culture when compared with others.

According to Ido Fishman, food has the same place in our lives as our loved ones do. It has its special place very close to our heart. What food we like to take at a time, also depends upon our moods and the company we are having. For instance if we are with a bunch of friends we would like to hang out to a restaurant where fast food isn’t scarce. If we are hanging out with family, we would like to go for a proper meal where there is salad, soup, a little barbecue (cause kids love barbecue) and the main course with some meat or chicken in it.

Similarly, if we are going out with a girlfriend then it has to be of course romantic. In a beautiful romantic café (candle light preferably), soft music, a little bit of wine and of course some sea food like Sushi or Oysters.

Food and Mood

Have been following Ido Fishman for long whose food suggestions have helped me a great deal, today I am going to list out a few foods that I offered last week to my family and friends.

Pizza Salad with Uninvited Friends

Last Tuesday, I got home late and was a bit tired and didn’t expect anyone to come. But to my surprise some of my old buddies knocked on the door. Well I did not want to but they were friends so I had to let them in. As you know when friends gather you have fun. I forgot about how tired I was and instead got my energy boosted. I thought to cook something different and as Ido Fishman suggested that when you aren’t expecting and you have to cook the next moment then go with Pizza Salad – an amazingly easy recipe enriched with taste and fun.

I found Pizza Salad quite appealing to me firstly because it is not boring at all. Secondly, it literally has everything such as crisped pepperoni, olives, pesto pita chips (not compulsory though), crisped pepperoni, some tomatoes, artichoke hearts, pepperoncini, mozzarella balls and last but not the least pesto vinaigrette. To me the recipe was perfectly made for the occasion and without wasting a minute I was reading Ido Fishman’s piece and making Pizza Salad at the same time.

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As suggested by Ido Fishman it didn’t take me more than 15 to 20 minutes I guess and Pizza Salad was ready. We then gather around it and started to eat. Paul, a friend of mine, nodded and told me that the salad does not feel heavy at all on the stomach. Another friend of my said that with little pizza slices, the taste is like heaving. Thank God they loved the salad but for me the credit goes to Ido Fishman – an amazing talent and a friend in need.

Texas Grilled Steaks with Family on Saturday

It’s Friday. I need to rest because I had a tiring week. But before going to bed as usual I was reading Ido Fishman’s fresh publication of travel and food experiences. Suddenly my phone rang up. It was my mom and guess what she wanted to visit me on Saturday morning with my dad and my two siblings, an annoying brother and a cute little sister. But that is how families are and I love my family.

Saturday was going to be a long day where there will be lots of talk. Yet most importantly I need to do some food arrangements while I was thinking I stumbled upon the idea that why not give a try to Texas Grilled Steaks when I have a fair piece of garden at the back of the house. That sounded amazing. I am not a chef and not a very good cook but I think of myself as a good cook. My inspiration comes from Ido Fishman who somehow indirectly encouraged me to cook otherwise there wasn’t too much food in my life except for bacon and eggs.

For the past two years I have been reading all the stuff authored by Ido Fishman. He has a special place in my life.

My family arrived early in the morning about 8 O clock and I was hugged and squeezed in every way. That’s okay to me as we were meeting after 6 months. We are Texans and we are famous for one thing which is that we love beef cooked in any way. So after greeting my family I left out for grabbing some beef. The main part of cooking steaks is to first give it a perfect thick steak cut. Though I was doing it but my mom couldn’t resist and came in my aid.

It was time for me to rub the cut piece from both sides for which I used seasoned mixture which included sugar, salt, chili, coriander, garlic powder and a few of crushed red chilies as well then left it for approximately 30 minutes get marinate. I have to confess here that I stole this recipe from Ido Fishman.

My grill wasn’t been used for ages so I thought to first spray grill spray. Turned on the heat to let the grill get hot and ready for cooking. Once the grill was ready I put the steaks on it and on both sides of the steaks I gave them heat for 10 minutes each. That is necessary because in this way you can cook the inside of the steak properly. Once it was ready to eat I cut the stake into four pieces and my God they were so delicious that my mom gave me another hug.


Ido Fishman once suggested that if you want to reach others hearts then the easiest way is through their bellies. If you can fill their bellies with tasty food then you can earn a place in their hearts. It is said that you cannot give love unless you haven’t had good food.

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