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Fuel Prices Rise as Israel Makes its Way Out of the Pandemic

Mar 1, 2021

Fuel prices in the State of Israel have significantly increased just as the country is opening up following multiple lockdowns. Just recently, the country was under a third lockdown due to the rising number of cases of the novel coronavirus.

Where fuel prices are concerned, 95 octane has increased by no less than 5 agorot, which amounts to a total of NIS 6 for a single liter. Almost a year passed without the country witnessing such a peak in the prices of fuel. 

Soon after the prices began to rise, the Energy Ministry took to making an announcement to ensure that people did not panic. It said that the price of fuel will not increase more than 6.04 per liter by the month of April.

When this figure was compared with that of May of 2020, gasoline prices in the State of Israel resulted in a figure of NIS 4.79. The highest price paid for a single liter was in September of 2012, when it was at an all-time high of NIS 8.25.

As per the Energy Ministry, the maximum price for a single liter of 95 octane gasoline, available at a self-service station will not rise above NIS 6.04. This is inclusive of VAT, which means that the total addition in the price as compared to the previous month is no less than 5 agorot. 

On the other hand, a full-service fill-up will still be charged at 21 agorot for every liter, and this figure is also inclusive of VAT. The prices in this case have not risen, as per the Ministry itself. 

Since sometime last year, the prices of gasoline have been readily declining due to the fact that the streets of Israel were more or less deserted. Many people were working from home while many businesses had closed down. Thus, the need for commute had significantly decreased. 

In other news, more than 100,000 citizens of the State of Israel have made a trip to tourist sites, as well as museums. They have also taken guided tours across the country in only the first week of the Passover holiday. All these were free of charge for visitors. As per the policy of the government, people will be able to visit these locations for free until Friday evening. 

Some of these locations include the Holon Museum of Design, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Elk Forest, the Israeli Museum located at the Rabin Center, and the Armored Brigade Museum in Latrun. 

Additional sites are the Janco Dada Museum located in Ein Hod, Jerusalem’s Biblical Lands Museum, Treasures in the Walls Museum, Kfar Beta Israel, Joe Alon Center located in the Negev, and Haifa Museum of Art. 

The rule to allow people to visit these sites for free was also implemented to aid small businesses to thrive that operate in these locations. All of these small businesses have had a tough time due to the coronavirus lockdowns imposed in the country. As a consequence, they have had to bear the brunt of the economic downturn being witnessed by Israel. 

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