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Green Passports to be Given to Recovered Coronavirus Patients

Nov 27, 2020
Green Passports to be Given to Recovered Coronavirus Patients

Israel has just recently declared that it will roll out ‘green passports’ to those who have previously had the coronavirus. This announcement was made personally by Prof. Nachman Ash, who said that the program will allow recovered patients to travel abroad and throughout the country with ease. 

On Thursday evening, the newly appointed coronavirus commissioner delivered his very first public address. During his speech, he informed the citizens of the country that millions of serological antibody tests will soon be delivered to numerous health funds. People who believe that they may have had the virus in the past can go and get themselves checked. 

Thus, whoever tests positive for antibodies will be awarded a green passport. Additionally, anyone who was diagnosed with the coronavirus and has then since recovered can also obtain the passport. 

However, the exact details of what the passport will consist of are still known. Ash said that they are in the process of being developed. He also added that one can expect the program to keep more than a million or so Israelis out of isolation. 

As of now, 332,937 Israelis have contracted the coronavirus. These numbers have been provided by the Health Ministry itself. The ministry also revealed that they have conducted a nationwide serological survey, which began in July and concluded in September. They found out that 5.5% or 487,000 citizens of the country have had the virus. This number has since increased. 

Serological studies have been carried out in areas that have reported a higher rate of infection, such as Bnei Brak. The results there showed that 9% of the entire community tested positive for the disease.  

In light of the alarming increase in coronavirus cases, the commissioner issued a firm warning to the general public. He said that he would not hesitate to recommend a national closure if the number of patients continued to rise. He declared that a third lockdown is quite definitely on the government’s agenda regarding the battle with the disease. 

On Thursday, the Health Ministry reported around 1,070 new cases in the past 24 hours. This number is the highest that has been recorded this month. 294 people were said to be in a serious condition. Out of these, there were 112 patients who were intubated. On the other hand, the death toll was at a number of 2,827. 

According to Ash, the data recorded is a reflection of the behavior of the public. He believes that people have become quite lax about the entire situation. He went on to say that the reproduction rate has also climbed at a number that is greater than one. The number of patients as well is greater than what was expected or desired. 

He called out people for being irresponsible and being a danger to everyone around them. He accused all those of endangering lives who gather in large crowds, do not wear masks, and who organize mass events. 

On Friday, various malls, museums, and market places are scheduled to open after approval was given by the government and Health Ministry. 

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