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Head of Shin Bet Violates Coronavirus Restrictions

Oct 7, 2020
Head of Shin Bet Violates Coronavirus Restrictions

Nadav Argaman, the head of Shin Bet, has been found to have violated the restrictions of coronavirus. This was a result of hosting guests in his home for a couple of hours on Shabbat. 

A report made public stated that family members of the Shin Bet head were seen arriving at his private residence at the time of Sukkot. These family members included the daughter of his wife, accompanied by her son and husband. More relatives were also seen heading into the home of Argaman. 

The head has now joined a long list of Israeli influencers and public figures who have violated the restrictions of the lockdown. This list includes many politicians and several senior state officials, who were all recently exposed. They have been called out for setting a bad example for the people. Moreover, these prominent figures were accused of contributing to an already damaged trust that the public holds of the government when it comes to combatting the virus. 

As per the restrictions of the coronavirus that were approved by the cabinet made to address the issues of the disease, families could not enter someone else’s Sukkahs. Furthermore, a fine of NIS 500 was to be levied on those who violated this rule. This restriction also applies to those residing in the houses of others, which was also prohibited by the cabinet. 

Itamar Grotto, the Deputy director-general of the Health Ministry, stated that he was quite disappointed after hearing about how Argaman had violated the restrictions of the coronavirus. Grotto also added that he had not even visited his own mother, rather only spoken to her over the phone. 

The Shin Bet also discussed this recent incident by saying that they do not talk about personal matters in public, especially those of the head of Shin Bet. 

Argaman had assumed office as the head of the Shin bet back in May of 2016. He had been appointed by Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister. He resides with his three children and wife, Anat, in Rosh Haayin. 

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