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Health Ministry Launches Campaign for Coronavirus Awareness

Oct 23, 2020
Health Ministry Launches Campaign for Coronavirus Awareness

In recent news, the Health Ministry has decided to launch a new campaign to increase awareness of the novel coronavirus amongst the people residing in the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel. The authoritative body wants people to be educated about the high rate of infection in this community, as compared to the general population of the country. 

The aim of the campaign will be to raise awareness through the narration of facts. These facts will not only be about morbidity, but morality as well. The campaign is supposed to help people fight misinformation and educate them about the serious danger of not following Covid-19 precautions. 

Only a few days ago, the Health Ministry received data that of the total number of people infected above the age of 65, 50% belong to the ultra-Orthodox population. Thus, they want to create more awareness regarding the virus and keep the elderly population of the country safe. The Ministry is quite hopeful about maintaining and then increasing this awareness. 

As per the Health Ministry, the campaign will feature posters that are labeled the same way as obituary posters usually are. They will lay emphasis on the differing rates of infection in the country. Moreover, they will specifically state that 2.3 people out of 10,000 die from the virus in the general population whereas, the number for Bnei Brak is almost three times that. 

The branch of the Health Ministry working for this campaign in the ultra-orthodox sector also spoke out about the matter. They said that the Haredi population is demanding authentic statistics to take the virus seriously. Thus, they will gather the concerning information and ensure that it reaches the people. 

Furthermore, the slogan used by the campaign will be the same as the one they have frequently used before, “Haredim follow rules and are careful with the sanctity of life.” The main aim of the slogan is to convey that even the most ultra-Orthodox people in the country are following the restrictions and guidelines laid down by the state. But, this is just what the Ministry believes. 

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