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Homecare Product Launched by UAE and Israeli Tech Firms

Sep 30, 2020
Homecare Product Launched by UAE and Israeli Tech Firms

SURE Universal, a health-tech firm from the Ramat Gan region of Israel, has decided to join hands with Hammad Bin Khalifa (HBK) Department of Projects, which is based in the United Arab Emirates. They have come together to launch a healthcare solution by the name HBKiCare. This white-label smart IoT will be available to regional markets in the Middle East and UAE.

This is the first joint product to be launched in the UAE markets, which has been produced by an Israeli and Emirati company. This project was set in motion soon after the normalization of relations on the 13th of August 2020, between the two major countries. 

HBKiCare carries a vision of being a universal and remote healthcare IoT platform. IoT or Internet of Things Platform has been favored, especially to introduce various important features, such as continuous monitoring of temperature, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and ECG. This home care kit promises to offer much more. 

The product has been designed in a way to monitor activities and detect falls of daily living (ADLs). It can also keep an eye on personal location as it is supported by voice-activated interaction through Baidu, Amazon Alexa, and Google home, as well as AI-based insights. 

Where SURE Universal has been in the market for developing and pioneering IoT software for healthcare at home, HBK Department of Projects is a completely different story. It is an initiative taken by the royal family to advance and support the development of environmental balance, social progress, and growth, economic and otherwise, all over the globe. 

Ray Stata, the chairman and co-founder of the Israeli tech giant, SURE Universal gave a statement the other day. Being in the same position at a semiconductor company by the name Analog Devices, he expressed that he is very happy with this partnership. In his statement, he said that he hopes that the historic partnership between these two companies bears fruit. 

Stata also added that home healthcare and remote patient monitoring have become the need of the hour, especially as the world undergoes a health crisis of such a large magnitude. He reported that he and his team are very proud of contributing in whichever way they can with their innovative technology. In his opinion, this could be one step closer to fixing the global pandemic problem. 

The chairman and co-founder of SURE Universal ended his speech on a happy note with high hopes for the future. 


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