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Hospitals in Israel Reopen Coronavirus Wards as the Serious Cases Rise

Jul 25, 2021

On Wednesday, various hospitals and medical institutions in the State of Israel reopened their wards dedicated to serious patients of the coronavirus. This measure was taken against the backdrop of the country recording a higher number of cases of the deadly disease.

Just a couple of months ago, hospitals across the country had shut down their wards, when the vaccination campaign and coronavirus guidelines had brought the cases to a minimum. At the time, the number of patients in serious condition had fallen to 19. 

However, the arrival and quick spread of the highly infectious Delta variant has led to a rise in the number of coronavirus patients in Israel, as well as serious patients. On Wednesday, the Health Ministry reported that the total number of serious patients in the country as of now is 153, which also includes 35 people in critical care. Over the past week alone, serious cases have more than doubled. 

The Soroka Medical Center, located in Beersheba, announced that it was reopening its wards dedicated to coronavirus patients. It currently has a total of nine patients, which also includes one who is in serious condition. Moreover, a spokesperson for the hospital further informed that the facility is working on opening up its intensive care coronavirus unit as well. 

The Ziv Medical Center, situated in Safed, has four patients who have been diagnosed with the deadly disease. This includes one patient in serious condition. The facility also announced a move similar to that of the Soroka Medical Center. 

Located in Nahariya, the Galilee Medical Center reported that a 91-year-old patient of the coronavirus passed away at their facility. Just three days earlier, her 95-year-old husband had also succumbed to the deadly disease. 

Data published by the Health Ministry early on Wednesday morning indicated that the country recorded 2,260 new cases of the coronavirus in the last 24 hours. The percentage of tests that turned up positive was at 2.38%. 

As of now, the total number of active cases in the State of Israel are 14,365. Just six weeks ago, this figure had been around 200. 

Data further revealed that a total of 5,77,362 citizens of the country have been given at least the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. On the other hand, 5,334,736 people have received both doses. 

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem also published a study just recently, which noted that the effectiveness of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine has declined to 80%, when it comes to preventing serious symptoms in people. The study was presented to the relevant authorities, as well as the government, and predicted that serious cases in the State of Israel could go as high as 400 in the upcoming three weeks. It recommended that strict measures be implemented in order to rein in the number of infections. 

Furthermore, the study warned that serious patients, along with patients on ventilators, are readily increasing, much like they had in July of 2020. 

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