IDF Begins Recruiting Under Coronavirus Guidelines

On Sunday, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will be kicking off its draft for field combat units. A spokesperson from the relevant unit of the IDF said that coronavirus will not hamper their progress. However, he did acknowledge that all coronavirus guidelines will be strictly adhered to.

The pandemic caused the IDF to make some changes to its recruitment activities and schedules. One of these changes was to reduce the number of daily new recruits to prevent large gatherings. 

Additionally, three new locations were designed in such a way that they are now recruitment centers for the Israeli forces. This was done especially to ensure that the existing recruitment center, Tel Hashomer, was not overburdened. It is located in the region of Ramat Gan. 

The new locations include Herzliya, which is the Israeli Air Force Center, Latrun near Jerusalem, where the Yad La-Shiryon Armored Corps Memorial Site is situated, and lastly, the Yahud Memorial Site. The latter was dedicated to the fallen soldiers from the C4I Corps division of the IDF. 

The new recruits were given specific instructions to follow in light of the rising coronavirus cases. They were told to be present at the assigned location without any friends or family members. This was also done in the last two enlistment cycles that the IDF carried out in the months of March and August. 

The spokesperson also informed that all new recruits will have to undergo medical examinations on the very first day of enlistment. Detailed inquiries will also be made about their medical condition and most recent interactions with other people. Moreover, each new recruit will be asked to sign a health statement, which is mandatory. 

Furthermore, monitors have been installed to provide assistance to the new recruits and to ensure that all coronavirus guidelines, especially social distancing ones, are followed. Every station of the designated enlistment chain is required to adhere to the restrictions. 

The number of stations has also been increased and further divided to ensure that orderly conduct is observed. This will help avoid large gatherings of recruits at stations at a single point in time. 

Moreover, the Spokesperson Unit of the IDF made sure to remind new recruits and their families that it is very important for them to cooperate. They urged the concerned parties to rigorously abide by the given coronavirus guidelines to curb a widespread outbreak in the forces. 

The new recruits have been informed that they should avoid attending large recruitment parties and other such events, which could pose a danger of contracting the virus. Family members were requested to say their goodbyes at home and refrain from showing up at the recruitment centers. 

The IDF also released data related to their enlistment cycle in the months of November and December. It included 37.05% female recruits and 62.95% male recruits. Nearly 364 of the total recruits are olim. This includes 143 women and 221 men belonging to the US, France, Ukraine, Russia, and Ethiopia. Additionally, the cycle included almost 117 lone soldiers as well.