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IDF Soldiers Allowed to Quarantine at Home

Oct 14, 2020
IDF Soldiers Allowed to Quarantine at Home

A while ago, news came to light about IDF soldiers residing in closed units who had contracted the deadly coronavirus. Just recently, however, it was reported that they are now being offered the chance to quarantine themselves in their homes. 

On Wednesday morning, a statement was released by the military which stated that the troops have been given the option to home quarantine. It was reported that the unit commander and a rank of lieutenant colonel together decided that this would be safe for the soldiers. A check was also conducted to ensure that the troops have ample resources to quarantine themselves. 

The military went on to say that the responsibility of ensuring that the soldiers follow strict home quarantine guidelines falls on the unit. He also urged the unit to make sure that all the troops are tested for the virus as per the procedures. 

Along with being offered the option of home quarantine, soldiers have also been allowed to quarantine themselves on base with members of their unit. However, they can opt for the latter if suitable conditions are provided. To isolate on base, soldiers must make sure that they will have access to quarantine facilities that belong to the Personnel Division. 

This decision came soon after there were multiple large outbreaks of the virus on IDF bases all over the country. This included Camp Dotan Base 80 where nearly 102 female cadets tested positive for Covid-19. A fellow cadet had turned up sick at the base after attending a furlough at her parent’s place for the special Rosh Hashanah holiday. As a result, many contracted the virus. 

However, the parents of the cadet in question were quick to blame the military for the outbreak. In their opinion, it was irresponsible of the people in charge to deny requests of home quarantining when the cadets initially asked for them. Instead, those who had displayed symptoms were transferred to the quarters of healthy soldiers. This led to a surge in the cases on base. 

A senior officer who was involved in this situation taking place at Camp Dotan also provided insight. According to him, several meetings were conducted to decide whether the cadets should be sent home to quarantine themselves or made to stay on base. He said that the decision taken in the end was in the best interests of everyone and the safety of all. 

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