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IDF Soldiers Form the Shape of Coronavirus Vaccine for Independence Day

Apr 13, 2021

On this Independence Day in the State of Israel, the flags of the country have made a comeback with pomp. They will soon be leading the torch lighting ceremony on a celebratory day. 

The Independence Day celebrations in the country are known for being the most-watched and largest ceremony in Israel. The torching for last year was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic, despite the fact that teams and bands had rehearsed for weeks in the end. 

This year, the flag holders have decided that their formation will be in the shape of a vaccine of the coronavirus, which will mark the progress that the country has made. It will also be a symbol to showcase the tough time that Israel has gone through. 

Col. Benzi Asher, the head of the Ceremonies Unit of the IDF, stated that he feels like he has just been reborn. For the past twenty years, he has been instrumental in the organization and execution of all stated ceremonies. He has especially been an important part of Independence Day celebrations. 

Though the pandemic has not led to the complete cancellation of the celebrations this year, it has had an impact on them. The Health Ministry has issued strict guidelines to be followed for the preparation of the ceremony, as well as restricted the number of people who can attend. A requirement has also been placed for the participants to have been vaccinated against the deadly disease or recovered from it. 

The commander expressed that the celebrations this year will be different since instead of performing for a crowd of 5,000, participants will be carrying on with the program with 500 people in the audience. He went on to add that the theme of this year is closely related to the ‘Corona Year’. Though he did not give many clues, he asserted that people will be able to easily identify a theme. 

In addition, like every year, an aerobatic team has been selected, which will be appearing as an important part of the flight on Independence Day. It will fly over numerous settlements all across the country. A pilot, Major A., who has qualified to be a part of the team, expressed how proud he was to have the chance to participate in the Independence Day flight. He revealed that the plan is to go through several localities in the country and allow citizens to appreciate the efforts made. 

In other news, in honor of the 73rd Independence Day of Israel, the first diplomatic event was held since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Diplomats, who have been posted in Israel, from numerous countries across the globe, came together to celebrate the loosening of coronavirus-related restrictions in the country. 

The event took place at the Tel Aviv Hilton and was hosted by Danny Danon, who was previously an ambassador at the UN and currently head of the World Likud. A dozen ambassadors, as well as more than 60 diplomats, mingled at the event without any masks on. 

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