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IMedis Gets Approval for Radiology Scans in the EU

Jan 4, 2021
IMedis Gets Approval for Radiology Scans in the EU

IMedis, an Israeli medical system company, recently announced that it had been granted CE approval for its quality control system based on AI that is designed for radiology departments. This approval means that the system is in accordance with European standards, which allows markets to buy its system. IMedis states that the system is capable of identifying findings accurately that may need follow-ups, which may have been missed in the initial reading by the radiologist. It has been estimated that the system might be helpful in discovering early findings that may result in cancer without any symptoms. 

The chief executive at IMedis, Aviel Blumenfeld said that receiving CE approval is a major milestone for the company, as it had been born for the purpose of harnessing technology that could be helpful for physicians in detecting and diagnosing. The CEO said that discovering findings in existing scans can help in detecting diseases early on, thereby helping save the lives of numerous patients. The best way of using advanced technologies in the field of medicine is to help them strengthen the work and capabilities of physicians.

IMedis is operating as part of Sanara Ventures, which is the investment platform of Philips and Teva. Assaf Barnea, the chief executive of the company, referred to it as a ‘significant player’ in the industry, which has undergone a lot of change because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The CEO said that the medical technology world had undergone significant change in the last couple of months and there has been a growth in the innovation trend. He said that Sanara Ventures would now be playing an important role in providing advanced medical treatment where radiology is concerned.

He went on to say that IMedis is a prominent firm in the digital medicine field and they would continue to partner with groundbreaking companies in order to achieve their goal of becoming a home for major and innovative solutions in digital medicine and Bio Convergence. Launched in 2018, IMedis managed to raise a capital of $2.3 million and it used ExitValley, the crowdfunding platform, for raising $1.3 million of the total. Currently, it is seeking FDA approval, which it is expecting to get later in the year.

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