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Innovations from Israel Featured in the Time Magazine

Dec 8, 2020
Innovations from Israel Featured in the Time Magazine

In recent news, Time magazine has released its yearly list of 100 best inventions for 2020. This year, six innovations from the citizens of Israel have made it on the list of this esteemed magazine. According to the publication, these innovations are transforming the way people work, live, think, and play. 

The editors of the magazine gave solicited nominations, which were also proposed by correspondents from all over the world. This entire process was managed through online applications. The 2020 list includes products and services that belong to a broad range of categories, such as security, finance, health, accessibility, artificial intelligence, entertainment, and much more. It also includes various innovative gadgets. 

Time magazine made the announcement and stated that 100 groundbreaking inventions have made it onto the list. Amongst these, it specified, is a smarter beehive, technology that could potentially catalyze a coronavirus vaccine, and a greener tube of toothpaste. 

The inventions from Israel that made it on to the publication’s list includes an AR-headset, which utilizes X-ray vision technology, an automated beehive, a personalized guide to cancer trials, a fit-and-fold booster seat for cars, a sugar-like product, and lastly, an electric urban vehicle. 

The AR-headset was inspired by the thinking of the CEO of Augmedics, Nissan Elimelech. One day, he wondered how ‘cool’ it would be if surgeons were able to use X-ray vision when operating on people. Thus, Xvision came to be. 

It is a revolutionary headset that translates the CT scan of a patient into 3-D visualization, with the help of augmented reality. The magazine stated that this invention would be of significant help to surgeons during delicate procedures. It will allow surgeons to see what is under the skin of a patient lying on the operating table, without so much as looking away. 

Beehome, on the other hand, is a hive powered by artificial intelligence. It uses the precision of robotics, AI, and computer vision to analyze insects round the clock. The system has the ability to detect threats, for example irregular temperatures and parasites. Thus, it can also respond timely by applying a solution, such as pesticides. 

Additionally, the custom-made guide to cancer trials, TrialJectory, was developed by the company named TrialJectory itself. Artificial intelligence is used to go through thousands of possibilities of clinical trials and find a match to a specific cancer patient. 

The Mifold Hifold has been designed to bring a change in the dangerous trend of toddlers not using booster seats when traveling. This device includes adjustable panels for the torso, head, and the seat itself. The magazine also noted that the fit-and-fold booster seat maximizes the comfort of the user. 

Meanwhile, Incredo Sugar is simply a newly engineered form of sweetener, which has the potential to reduce the sugar required by commercial food companies by at least 30%. Furthermore, the smaller compact car had been developed to provide a solution to parking in urban spaces. It is small with adjustable wheels and can go through narrow spaces.

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