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Israel: Chief of Mossad to Meet the US President Biden

Jan 23, 2021

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to send Yossi Cohen, the Chief of Israel’s Intelligence Agency, to Washington in the weeks to come. The Chief of Mossad is going to meet the newly appointed United States President Joe Biden to spread out Israel’s demands of the new US administration in regards to any further proceeding in the Iran nuclear deal, the Israeli news channel reported on Saturday night. 

The news channel reported that Cohen, one of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s most trusted colleagues, is about to travel to Washington within the next month.

According to the channel, Cohen will be the first of the senior Israeli officials to meet with the US President Biden. In his visit, the Chief will also be seeing the head of the Central Intelligence Agency of the US.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, on Saturday evening, said that Meir Ben-Shabbat, the Israeli National Security Advisor, had a telephonic conversation with his new US counterpart Jake Sullivan. 

The Prime Minister Office released a statement saying that both the advisors agreed to discuss in-depth many topics, including the regional matters, further proceeding with the Abraham accord, and the Iranian issue. 

According to the report, Cohen, along with his team, will present to the Biden administration all the information that Israel has collected so far regarding Iran’s nuclear program. The team is also expected to set out demands and terms for rejoining Iran nuclear deal. 

As per the TV report, Cohen and the company would demand the Biden Administration that if the US is to rejoin the nuclear deal, it must ensure that Iran halts enhancing uranium, cease the production of advanced centrifuges, and stop assisting terror groups. The foremost of all the demands would be for the militant group Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, to terminate its military presence in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, to stop targeting Israelis overseas, and to grant International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) full access on its nuclear program.

The TV report said that Israel fears that a revival deal would be made which would enable Iran not just to continue enhancing uranium but would also grant it financial assistance in order to help it repair the economy. However, the news channel did not mention the names of the sources. 

While congratulating Joe Biden on becoming the 46th US President on Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu insisted on the new president to assist Israel in confronting the threats that Iran is posing. 

Antony Blinken, who is being nominated as the Secretary of State by Biden, while attending a confirmation hearing on Tuesday, said that the new United States administration would refer to Israel and its allies before returning to the 2015 deal. 

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