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Israel Fires Additional Strikes Amongst Increasing Calls for Ceasefire

May 15, 2021

In recent news, the State of Israel has carried out numerous air strikes on Gaza, soon after terrorists from Palestine fired numerous rockets at densely populated cities located in the southern area of Israel. 

On Monday, raids were conducted in Gaza just before dawn. These have been deemed to be some of the heaviest to take place ever since the clashes started more than a week ago.

The State of Israel reported that it targeted facilities that belonged to a terrorist group in Palestine, called Hamas. It also attacked the homes of several commanders of the terrorist group. In the process, many power lines and main roads were also destroyed and damaged. 

However, no casualties had been reported immediately after the air strikes were carried out. 

The military in Israel, on the other hand, did reveal that over 50 warplanes were sent to conduct an attack on the Gaza Strip. The firing lasted for more than 20 minutes and took place a little while before dawn. 

It was further reported that 35 people considered to be ‘terror targets’ were struck. An underground tunnel network of over 15km that belonged to the Hamas was also targeted in the attack. 

The Israeli military went on to report that it had focused on hitting the homes of around nine commanders of the Hamas, who are considered to be top tier. Soldiers from Israel also shot artillery from various positions that are in close proximity to the border of Gaza. 

The fighting started just a couple of weeks after tensions between Israelis and Palestinians escalated over ta real estate dispute in East Jerusalem. This led to the occurrence of multiple clashes between the two sides at the holy site, which is held in high regard by both the Jews and the Muslims. 

Hamas fired rockets at Israeli cities and towns after warning them of retaliation if they do not withdraw from the holy site. A couple of days later, airstrikes were triggered towards Israeli towns by the terrorist group. 

The State of Israel has reported that over 3,000 rockets have been sent its way in the past couple of days. 

On Monday, the sirens that warn of rockets were sounded again in dozens of Israeli towns and cities. One of these terror rockets hit a building in Ashdod and caused injuries to a handful of people. Palestinian officials positioned in Gaza also reported that widespread power cuts had been caused as a result of the attack, as well as hundreds of buildings and homes had been damaged. 

The death toll in the region is now at 198, which includes around 34 women, and 58 children. The local health authorities reported that more than 1,200 people have been injured. Israel added that of the people who were killed, 130 were militants and many were killed by Hamas rockets that fell inside of Gaza killing their own citizens.

Meanwhile, the international community has been consistently calling for a ceasefire. However, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that the retaliatory attacks will be continuing with complete force and will take a while to degrade the Hamas terror group ability9 to continue to fire rockets on the Israeli population. 

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