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Israel Increases Capacity on Gatherings as Restrictions are Steadily Removed

Apr 25, 2021

In recent news, the government and relevant authorities on coronavirus in the State of Israel have decided to abolish restrictions placed on various structures, which were operating under the green light outline. This also includes the ban on serving food, as well as capacity of gatherings. A meeting of more than 500 people can be held in outdoor venues, whereas indoor areas can now house gatherings of up to 50 people. 

This good news was given to the country by Yuli Edelstein, the Health Minister, against the backdrop of the significant fall in the number of active cases in the country. As of now, there are only 1,800 patients of the novel coronavirus in the country, as opposed to thousands at the time when the pandemic was at its peak. 

The new regulations will be made effective on the 6th of May, Thursday. However, this will only happen if these statistics related to the coronavirus in the State of Israel continue to move in a positive direction. 

Edelstein went on to comment that the vaccines being used in the country have allowed the morbidity to reach an unprecedented and low level ever since the pandemic began. A major chunk of the economy has been reopened, which has come as relief for the people of Israel. 

However, the Health Minister went on to add that restriction related to the airport will not be lifted right now. This is because the government and the health officials are concerned about newer and additional variants entering the country via Ben-Gurion Airport. 

As per the new guidelines, swimming pools and tourist attractions will resume operations under a standard that is based on the rules of social distancing, known as the purple ribbon standard. People who have been vaccinated against the deadly disease or recovered from the virus will be allowed to enter these locations. 

Venues operating according to the purple ribbon standard will be given permission to accommodate customers within a distance of 7 square meters each. The previously placed restriction of 75% occupancy rate on buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation is going to be abolished soon as well. 

In addition, a temporary green pass will be granted to those who have not yet recovered or been vaccinated. This will also include children, who will have to give a PCR test in order to avail this option. 

Prof. Nachman Ash, the Coronavirus Commissioner added that these vaccines are like an Iron Dome for the country, as well as its health system. He still warned that even though Israel has had a slew of encouraging data in the past few days, mass infections are very much possible. He stressed upon the importance of people of the country remaining careful and adhering to the rules. 

Ash asked people to wear masks and ventilate any closed spaces. He also stressed upon maintaining social distancing guidelines, provided by the Health Ministry. The Commissioner also called on the nation to ensure that they do not attend any gatherings that are unnecessary, especially on Lag Ba’omer, a holiday that is just around the corner. 

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