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Israel Is Now Looking at 5,450 New Coronavirus Cases, Which is Highest Since October

Dec 29, 2020

Israeli Health Ministry states that the infection rate stands now at 5.6 percent. Meanwhile, 115,400 Israeli citizens were given vaccination against COVID this Monday alone, which brought the overall number of inoculated ones in Israel to 495,000.

593 patients, at least, are in a critical condition, of which 146 patients are on ventilation. The official death toll in the country now stands at 3,256 and that is after 18 more patients lost their lives in the last twenty-four hours.

Israeli health officials, in the meantime, said that since the beginning of the national coronavirus vaccination campaign in Israel less than 2 weeks ago, about 500,000 people already have been vaccinated. 

The ministry said that vaccination against coronavirus has been given to 115,400 Israelis on Monday alone, which marks the total number of 495,000 people vaccinated in the country.

Yuli Edelstein, Health Minister, said this Monday that the country has the highest number of vaccination recipients per capita around the globe. 

Everyone inoculated up to now, only got the first Pfizer vaccine shot, which still is not the guarantee of a complete immunity to the coronavirus. But, twenty-one days after the first shot, everyone who has been inoculated will receive another dose. A week after the second shot is given; they will be expected to have an adequately high level of antibodies in their bodies for protecting them against COVID.

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