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Israel Leads World in Coronavirus Vaccine Doses per Capita

Jan 1, 2021

Our World in Data posted some data, which indicates that currently, Israel is leading the rest of the countries in the world when it comes to the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses to have been administered per 100 people. There are a number of countries listed on the chart, but as of December 30th, Israel is far ahead of them with 9.18 vaccine doses given per 100 people. The second position is taken up by Bahrain, with around 3.37 doses per capital. Iceland is next with 1.43 doses per 100 people and then the United Kingdom with 1.18 doses per hundred people.

The fifth spot is taken up by the United States with 0.84 COVID-19 vaccine doses administered per 100 people. According to the Health Ministry, the Israeli government had managed to accomplish its goal of a minimum of 150,000 vaccinations per day for a second straight day on Wednesday. The vaccination drive in Israel had begun on December 20th and is focused on healthcare and medical workers, people over 60, and at-risk groups. It was also announced that teachers would also be given a priority for vaccination from the beginning of the next week. 

Meanwhile, Israel is currently in the middle of a country-wide lockdown for the third time. On Wednesday, the number of daily injections that were reported by the Health Ministry had surged to 5,250, which is the highest daily number of coronavirus cases seen since the beginning of October. As the third lockdown is still ongoing, a number of restaurants and small businesses that have been hard hit by the pandemic have broken some rules this time around. They sold products that were not essential and also allowed takeout orders. 

One of the most controversial moves taken by the government in the third lockdown is the ban placed on curbside pickup and takeout from stores and restaurants because they are concerned about the crowds that might form outside of these businesses. Therefore, these businesses have only been given the option of delivery.

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