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Israel Premier Threatens Iran of Dire Consequences For Terrorism Funding

May 31, 2022

Iran Accuses Israel ForRecent Killings

In the recent times, particularly on 22nd May and 25th May, 2022, two killings took place in Iran. In the first killing an officer of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran was assassinated in the capital city of Tehran.

Later, an explosion took place on 25th May in one of the military complexes of Iran which resulted in the killing of an engineer. Iran attributed both the attacks with Israel and accused Israeli premier for using quadcopters for committing acts of terrorism in Iran. Iran’s accusations towards Israel were duly reported in The New York Times, a daily newspaper of the US.

Israeli Response To The Accusations

While talking at the event of Jerusalem Day, Naftali Bennett, Israeli Prime Minister denied the accusations of Iran. He also said that the entire world is aware that is the real terrorist which is funding and promoting terrorism in Israel for a very long time.

He further said that the days of Iran’s immunity are long past and Iranian regime cannot blame Israel or any other country for its own actions. He said that the Iranian regime is notorious for killing its own people for getting rid of the people it doesn’t like.

Prime Minister Bennett further warned that Iran’s actions call for dire consequences and Israel will not hesitate in taking any action for stopping the terrorism.

He remarked that “We have time and again proved with concrete evidence that Iran is actively involved in disrupting the peace in our country. Iran was and is a constant threat to our national security. We simply won’t allow Iran any further to fund activities of terrorism in our country. Any attempt to disrupt national security will be dealt with full force and Iranian regime shall be responsible for the consequences.”

US Involvement

At the assassination of Col. Hassan SayyadKhodaei, an unidentified official of an Iranian intelligence agency told US that Israel was behind the assassination of Col. Hassan SayyadKhodaei. The official also alleged that Khodaei was killed because Israel thought the deceased was part of a secret mission against Israel.

However, the statement of the intelligence official was neither confirmed nor endorsed by Israeli officials. Instead, Israeli Government heavily criticized the US for concocting a fabricated story and questioned its publication in The New York Times.

Israel’s Rebuttal To Iran’s Allegations

As a rebuttal, Israeli premier blamed Iran of mishandling the public protests with regard to ‘anti-regime’ in Iran. He said that the use of police power for forcefully dispersing the protestors led to the killings of Iranian people.

Prime Minister Bennett said that Iranian Government prefers tyranny and chaos over peaceful dialogues. Iranian people expect their government to provide them proper food and water, however, the regime has failed in fulfilling its obligations. The accusations have been raised for diverting public’s attention from important fundamental issues.

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