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Israel Quarantines Travelers from All Except Ten Countries

Aug 17, 2021

In recent news, the Health Ministry has announced that it will be implementing a new set of regulations, with respect to the coronavirus. These rules will start to be imposed in the upcoming week, as the State of Israel struggles to stem the rise in the number of infections in the country. 

New restrictions came into effect at the Ben-Gurion Airport early on Monday. According to one new policy, travelers coming in from only ten countries will not be required to isolate themselves. There are various countries that have given permission to allow citizens of Israel to enter right now. These include Australia, Austria, Hungary, Hong Kong, Moldova, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Singapore, China, as well as Taiwan. 

People returning to Israel from these ten aforementioned countries, however, will have to isolate for a total of 24 hours, or until they are able to receive a negative diagnosis of the coronavirus test result. Whichever happens earlier from the two options will be implemented. 

In addition, the relevant authorities of the country have sought to update the list, which contains the name of the countries where travel has been barred. People wanting to travel to locations present on this list will have to apply for a permit by making a request directed at the exceptions committee. 

From Monday onwards, this list consists of the names of Brazil, Bulgaria, Mexico, Georgia, Turkey, and Spain. On the other hand, the rest of the countries across the world have been deemed as orange, meaning that people returning from these specific locations will have to isolate for a full period. This will also include those who have previously recovered from the virus or have been vaccinated, irrespective of their age. 

The Health Ministry guidelines additionally added that the quarantine time period may be reduced from two weeks to seven days, if the individual in question could provide a receipt of two results of the coronavirus test, indicating that they do not have it. The first test will have to be taken when a traveler arrives at the airport, whereas the second will have to be carried out on the seventh day of quarantine. The list of these countries will soon be updated, as per the trend of the deadly contagion noticed in countries around the globe. 

From Wednesday onwards, large events will be limited to only 5,000 members, if it is being held outdoors. On the other hand, only 1,000 members will be permitted to attend events indoors. Gatherings being held at private homes or other places, which do not need evidence of a green pass, will have to restrict themselves to 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors. 

Furthermore, the green pass will now have to be shown by anyone from age 3 and up at venues and events, where it is mandatory. At shopping malls and stores, where the green pass is not required, occupancy will stay limited to one individual per seven square meters of space. The same rule will be applied to any business that provides services to the public. However, stores that have a total area of 100 square meters will not be forced to implement this rule. 

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