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Israel Records More than 2,000 New Cases of the Coronavirus

Jul 24, 2021

In recent news, no less than 2,112 people in the State of Israel were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. The Health Ministry informed that this was the highest number of cases recorded since the month of March, in its daily update on Tuesday morning. 

On Monday, when these 2,112 cases were recorded, the country carried out a total of 95,000 tests in a time span of a day. This was the highest number of tests that have been conducted in the last four months. The rate of positivity currently stands at 2.3%, which is more than it was in the past couple of days. Just a day ago, the total number of cases that were registered were 1,400. However, the number of tests was also lower, around 72,000. 

On the other hand, the number of serious patients in Israel is now at 138, as compared to the numbers recorded on the days before. On Saturday, the Health Ministry reported that there were 97 total patients in serious condition, and 124 on Sunday. In the time span of a week, this number has significantly doubled, causing much worry to experts. 

The reproduction rate, also known as R, is used by the relevant authorities in the country to measure the number of people being infected on average by a carrier of the virus. As of now, the number is above 1, indicating that the outbreak is readily expanding. On Tuesday, the R stood at a figure of 1.33. 

From the people who have tested positive for the deadly disease in the past 24 hours, around 203 had set foot in the country by flying to it. They had arrived in Israel through the Ben-Gurion Airport, sometime in the last couple of days. 

The health minister of the country, Nitzan Horowitz, noted that the rate of infection in the country has readily increased due to the infectious Delta variant. He visited the coronavirus ward at the Beilinson Campus of the Rabin Medical Center, located in Petah Tikva, and said that the relevant authorities had warned the people about the rise in infections. According to him, measures had been taken in the country to ensure the treatment of patients who were critically ill and hospitalized as a consequence. 

It was further revealed that more than half of the cases that are now arising are in people who have been fully vaccinated. In addition, two-third of the patients experiencing serious conditions were also given both jabs. 

However, experts informed that the rise in serious morbidity in Israel has been limited, as compared to the general morbidity in the country. In the beginning of the month of June, there were around 20 serious patients in hospice, whereas the number of active cases in the country was less than 200. But now the number of patients in serious condition has gone up to 138 and there are 13,000 active cases in Israel.

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