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Israel Records More than 750 Coronavirus Cases for the Second Time in a Row

Jul 14, 2021
IDF to Stop Looking for Coronavirus Violations on Social Media

The State of Israel recorded more than 750 cases for the second time in a row on Tuesday, as reported by the Health Ministry on Wednesday, in its daily update. 

Late on Tuesday night, the latest meeting of the coronavirus cabinet came to an end with the unanimous decision to not implement any added restrictions. However, the relevant officials in the country were to be instructed to conduct preparatory work to introduce new restrictions. These guidelines would pertain to large gatherings to be held in the near future, as well as establishing rapid testing in various parts of Israel. The antigen testing system will ensure that participants entering events with large crowds are checked before they attend. 

Moreover, the cabinet made the decision to reduce the number of days of the quarantine period. From the previously imposed minimum number of ten days, every individual will have to isolate for seven days. During this time, two negative PCR tests will have to be provided, in order to encourage the people of the country to adhere to the rules. Coronavirus regulations are also now going to be strictly enforced and its responsibility will fall directly onto the Public Security Ministry. 

On the other hand, no decision was reached regarding the reopening of Israeli borders to vaccinated foreigners from the 1st of August. But the minister for tourism, Yoel Razvozov, presented a proposal for this purpose at the meeting. 

Around 754 cases of the novel coronavirus were registered on Tuesday, with 1.45% of the tests coming out positive. The total number of tests conducted on this day was 59,000, which led to the highest number of patients in the country since the month of March. 

The serious morbidity in the State of Israel slightly increased, which resulted in a total of 53 patients being in serious condition on Wednesday. This figure was eight more than that reported on Tuesday. But this number is still quite limited when compared to those recorded in the previous waves. In the month of April, the number of active cases in the country was around 5,000 but more than 300 patients were in serious condition. 

In other news, a 73-year-old resident of the State of Israel, belonging to the Ashdod region, has been released from the hospital. She is being referred to as a medical miracle for the mere fact that she was hospitalized no less than 100 days ago after her coronavirus symptoms took a turn for the worse. 

Yonatan Edel, the woman who heads the Internal Medicine Department B at the Ashdod Hospital, said that when Ludmilla Sorostan was treated, no one believed that she would leave the hospital alive. The patent is the mother of two daughters and was first taken to the hospital back in April when signs of the illness started to appear. However, her condition readily deteriorated and she was eventually intubated and ventilated. 

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