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Israel Records Nearly 4,000 Cases as the Coronavirus Cabinet Decides to Meet

Aug 4, 2021

In recent news, the coronavirus cabinet in the State of Israel was scheduled to have a meeting on Tuesday. The urgency to meet comes as the country records more than 3,800 new cases of the deadly disease in the last 24 hours, which are the highest since the start of the month of March. 

15 people in total also lost their lives to the virus on Monday, which is the highest number of deaths recorded in Israel in the last four months. The number of serious patients in the country is standing at 221, which is nine more than those registered just a day earlier. Moreover, this figure is 66 more than what was reported last Tuesday.

The ministers have decided to impose further restrictions to try and contain the fourth wave of the novel coronavirus in the country. The Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Naftali Bennett, also warned his government that they may have to take some ‘painful steps’ in light of the rising infections. 

Bennett added that ‘hope’ is not a working plan. He revealed that the government will continue its current approach, which includes following the serious number of patients, as well as those ventilated and hospitalized. According to him, everything is being monitored but additional steps will need to be taken to control the situation. He further noted that the figure for serious patients seems to be doubling after every ten days. 

The Prime Minister remarked that in the next ten days, the country may have around 400 patients in serious condition. He remarked that the rate at which serious patients are doubling is alarming, but the government is constantly making efforts to encourage immunizations on a greater scale. He informed that experts have been delegated to see whether or not it is feasible to bring the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine to the younger population in the country. 

Amongst other measures to be discussed at the meeting, the ministers will consider bringing about a stricter version of the green pass. The Director-General of the Health Ministry, Prof. Nachman Ash, maintained that additional measures will also be implemented, but the focus will be on ensuring that economic activity in the State of Israel continues as per the norm. 

The previously devised outline grants access to activities and venues for people who have recovered, are fully vaccinated or have undergone a test for the disease in the last 72 hours. However, this pertained only to gatherings that had more than 100 people. 

Sources believe that the ministers will also discuss the possibility of bringing back a full green pass system. This will apply only to several activities, irrespective of the number of attendees or participants. In addition, the current exemption granted to children under the age of 12 may be canceled, as well. 

The cabinet participants may further talk about making masks mandatory in large public gatherings outdoors, placing restrictions on gatherings, as well as limiting the number of workers allowed to be physically present in public offices. 

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