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Israel Refuses to Disclose a Timeframe for an End to Retaliations in Gaza

May 17, 2021

On Wednesday, the State of Israel announced that it is not going to be setting a particular timeframe for when it ends the ongoing retaliations in the city of Gaza. Just recently, the Israeli military pounded the enclave of Palestine with multiple airstrikes after the Hamas militants fired rocket attacks across the border. 

However, as a step in the direction of diplomatic movement, the two sides have mutually agreed to a ceasefire. Mediators are currently helping to negotiate a truce behind the scenes, as Israel continues to publicly deny a deal being made. 

Medical officials from Palestine have reported that more than 200 people have now lost their lives in the ten days of constant aerial bombardments. This has also led to a complete destruction of buildings, roads, as well as other infrastructure. The existing dire humanitarian situation in the city of Gaza is worsening by the day. 

In addition, the authorities in the State of Israel have placed the death toll in the country at 12. Repeated attacks in the country have led to people panicking and rushing for shelters. There have been constant diplomatic efforts from regional countries, as well as the US, for a ceasefire. However, despite the increase in the intensity of these efforts, they have continuously been failing. 

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has said nothing about halting the fighting. He also did not mention a truce while having a meeting with several foreign ambassadors to the Jewish state. But he did state that his country is currently engaging in complete deterrence of the militants in Gaza to ensure that there are no further clashes with Hamas. 

The leader of the State of Israel went on to say that he is not indulging the forces in the conflict with a stopwatch in his hand. According to him, the operation will end when its goals have been achieved. 

The Jewish state carried out an attack overnight in Gaza for 25 minutes straight. The forces bombarded various targets, which also included some tunnels situated in the southern region of the Gaza Strip. These tunnels are known to be frequented by Hamas, which is an Islamist group running the city. 

The Israeli military reported that no less than 50 rockets had been shot from the enclave. Sirens had to be sounded in the southern area of Tel Aviv, the coastal city, Ashdod, as well as those areas that are located in close proximity of the Gaza border. No injuries or damages were caused in the Jewish state. 

Around 450 buildings have been completely destroyed in Gaza, whereas some have been badly damaged. These include nine health centers for primary care and six hospitals. Over 52,000 citizens of Palestine have been displaced, as reported by the humanitarian agency of the UN. 

The damage has caused rubble to pile up all across the coastal enclave. People are now concerned with figuring out whether or not Gaza is a habitable place to live now. 

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